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  • I love inflation!

    I'm a ball. Yeah, you heard me right. I didn't say I'm having a ball. That's what my momma did when she gave birth to me. I'm a sports ball - the "basket" kind to be more specific.We sports balls have it pretty rough. My cousins and I may have different functions, but we all, without exception, have to put up with an awful lot of abuse ... and I
  • 'I never thought it could happen to me'

    We all think, "That'll never happen to me." We've all read the statistics and heard the slogan, "Distracted driving is deadly driving" on AFN. But be honest: Are you always as attentive as you should be? I'll admit it here now that I'm not. Yes, I've taken my eyes off the road to change the radio station, check my hair in the mirror or rummage
  • Diverse Airmen strengthen Air Force's global presence

    A diverse force is our unique advantage to providing forward-based combat power for America.Diversity of cultures, beliefs and ideas are ever-present in our professional and personal lives. These differences among Airmen make us more effective.I read a January Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa article about an Airman who exemplifies
  • Diversity is our Strength

    I learned early in life that diversity equals strength. I attended Robert E. Lamberton public school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the age of 10. While Lamberton had a reputation as a good academic school, diversity of the student body is what made it special. Lamberton was one of the few public schools in Philadelphia that accommodated children
  • Thinking consent: Top 40 music, sex, and you

    You've probably heard before that you are the sum of your experiences. In the nature versus nurture debate to explain why people are the way they are and why they do what they do, this maxim is a fairly concise and complete way to capture the essence of both perspectives. Our biological experience--the events from our conception to our
  • Air Force focused on diversity, future

    Since its inception, the Air Force has been at the forefront of appreciating members of various backgrounds and ethnicities; however, with a smaller force on the horizon, the Air Force is making a concerted effort to prioritized opportunities to harness and effectively transform unique talents and abilities into mission advantages. Capitalizing on
  • Always an Airman

    I am an Airman, but only from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday and occasionally on the weekend. The rest of the time, I am just a person trying to have a good time. What I do during my off duty time doesn't have any bearing on my military career, nor should it. "Say what?!" you might ask. And, rightfully so. The truth is I don't believe
  • Airman builds relationships through language program

    In a world of increasing threats and decreasing budgets, the ability to effectively work with our partner nations is critical. This skill set must be learned, and it must be practiced. The Language Enabled Airman Program is one way the Air Force is ensuring Airmen have this ability. LEAP is a career-spanning program that develops and reinforces
  • The equation for success

    You've probably heard the phrase, "Flexibility is the key to air power" more times that you'd like, and I just added one to the count. I'm here to tell you, as overused as it is, there's truth to it.As we prepare to receive a staff assistance visit team that is coming to inspect our processes and competency, our ability to receive feedback and make
  • 'Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!'

    Running. There are few words in the English language that can evoke a wide range of emotions and carry so many meanings - "the refrigerator is running," "my nose is running," "you're running up the electric bill," " I love (or hate) running" and the list goes on.However, within the context of the Air Force, running generally refers to a