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Operation GRIT

GRIT is not a program or a training plan... it's an initiative owned by every USAFE-AFAFRICA Airman Warrior

By definition, GRIT is courage and resolve... strength of character. USAFE-AFAFRICA Airman Warriors have courage and determination despite challenges in their way.

How did GRIT start?

Airmen from across the command and of all ranks, career fields, and supervisory levels provided feedback and USAFE-AFAFRICA listened! Our focus is on revitalizing the squadron, giving ownership to commanders, and focusing on the positive results of a culture of professionalism.

Who is GRIT tailored to?

GRIT is for every Airmen across USAFE-AFAFRICA because every Airman Warrior is a LEADER! It is a syncronized message up and down the chain of command. Its success depends on EVERY Airmen to be leader in their own sphere of influence.

How is GRIT different?

GRIT is a mindset focused on developing Airmanship and related leadership skills to enhance:

1) Connection - to the unit, our mission, and AF heritage

2) Personal Performance - develop and strengthen leadership comptencies and behaviors

3) Shared Sense of Purpose - developing Airmen is our #1 mission set