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  • Five simple words for our Coronavirus heroes

    As service members, we are often approached by strangers who want to reach out and say, “thank you for your service.” This kind gesture is something I’ve always appreciated. Serving my nation is a source of pride and a way to be a part of something that is bigger than myself.
  • If You Think You Are Invincible, You Must Prove Me Wrong

    I am suicide.  From the beginning of time, countless people have tried and failed to eliminate me from society.  Regardless of society’s persistent efforts, I continue to claim victims, and my level of success has grown with each new generation.  To open one’s awareness, I offer insight that won’t be found at a senior leader’s public address to
  • Airman PES offers insight

    How does the Air Force view Airmen who make mistakes? Does it push them out, or does it give them the tools to recover?
  • Overcoming tough times

    Deployments away from home are a reality for military members. However, my assignment locations have given me more opportunities for short trips away rather than long deployments. In fact, it had been over 10 years since I experienced being away for more than several weeks. Then fate caught up with me and I found myself at an austere location in unbearable heat separated from my loved ones by what felt like millions of miles.
  • Pathfinders in Norway

    The presence of permanently-assigned Air Force personnel in Norway comes as a surprise to most Airmen. “I had no idea we had a base in Norway” is a typical reaction, followed by the question “What aircraft do you support?” Strictly speaking, we do not have a base in Norway nor do we have an active flying mission. Nevertheless, America’s Air Force is present in Norway, Land of the Midnight Sun.
  • From Ukraine with love: An Airman visits her homeland

    Military members often travel to all ends of the earth and meet people from all walks of life. We often get asked that question. People want to know our story, where our roots began.
  • D-Day reflection provides important lessons

    The sixth of June marks the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. As we reflect on the significance of this event, three words come to mind: Patience, Perseverance, and Partnerships.
  • Battle Between Two Wolves

    The Cherokee Proverb regarding the ‘Battle Between Two Wolves’ inside all of us has been a long-time favorite and truly resonates with me.  The proverb explores the struggle between opposing elements within us: the ‘Good Wolf’ which represents qualities like kindness, love, humility, and truth and the ‘Bad Wolf’ who represents greed, anger,
  • Believe in yourself!

    17 years old and already a high school dropout, I recall walking by the local community college in Pasco, Washington and thinking “Only smart people go there, I’ll never be able to.” This experience occurred 26 years ago but was a catalyst to what would transpire in my life from that point forward. At the time, I was working full time for a small
  • First term Airman: Failing my way to success

    First term Airman. A term for many Airmen that carries moments of success, failure, disorientation, and most importantly, questions.