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  • 'Go to guy': Getting missions done

    In almost every work center there is always at least one 'go-to guy'. Everyone knows who this person is and they are usually easy to spot. Sometimes the 'go-to guy' is the hardest working Airman in their section. Other times they are the subject matter expert in their career field, regardless of rank. The 'go-to guy' is always the person
  • Feedback is essential to AF integrity

    I was going through some old files, and I found a few notes that were written to me by the comptroller of a major command on several different occasions. One letter conveyed his best wishes on my birthday.  A second one thanked me and my unit for our hospitality during his recent visit to the base.  These letters reminded me how important it is to
  • So there I was...

    So there I was ... trying to watch NFL Thursday Night Football on a Friday night with my NFL Game Pass.  The Denver Broncos versus the Kansas City Chiefs was the feature game. I watched the opening vignette that the NFL presents to hype the game just before kickoff four times in a row due to Internet issues. This was definitely not the ideal way to
  • 'We're all in this together' -- A senior NCO's five constants

    Service in the Air Force today means different things for different people. Depending on your unique circumstances, such as family dynamics, job or upbringing, how you navigate through those dynamics can have a significant impact on your time serving and significantly help you prepare for the day you no longer will wear the uniform, whether that's
  • IDMT: Not your regular medics

    In 1947, when the Air Force separated from the Army, only 1,480 service members were permitted to transfer to the Air Force Medical Service Corp. Shortly after, the service recognized the need to develop and train its own medics and established training at Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base, Alabama.Training was going well until the late 1950s when the
  • Am I Serving?

    As a young Captain, sitting in the "Blue Room" at Squadron Officer School, I had the pleasure of hearing many general officers speak to us on various subjects. One subject in particular has stuck with me over the years and it was a general who talked to my SOS class about service.He told a story about being a young fighter pilot and an elderly lady
  • Leadership perspective

    "How to be a good leader..."How many of you have heard that phrase repeatedly throughout your Air Force careers? I continually search out the answer to this question. Leadership style is one of the most debatable topics in many organizations and academic institutions.Effective leadership is key to any organization's success. Over the decades, there
  • Never underestimate your impact

    Every day I visit our great Airmen and every day I come across more than one that underestimates their impact to the mission.There's the one-stripe maintainer, "just repaneling an aircraft," for the next day's flight, or the young personalist, "just issuing another identification card," or the defender, "just guarding the gate." The list could go
  • 728th Air Mobility Squadron: Providing velocity from the front

    If you have watched the news over the last few months you have probably heard of Incirlik Air Base and its close proximity to the world's troubled spots. Incirlik AB is an important base in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's southern region and is also the home of the men and women of 728th Air Mobility Squadron.The 728th AMS is a traditional
  • Religious Diversity: Stew or Ambrosia?

    The metaphor of the 'Great Melting Pot' has been used to describe U.S. culture since the early twentieth century. The idea is that people from diverse countries, languages, and religious traditions all blend together to form a new identity - Americans. Sort of like a well-cooked stew where everything is boiled-down to the point where there's no way