19th Electronic Warfare Squadron

Provide pilots/aircrews from all branches of the US military, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) nations, and Partner for Peace (PfP) nations realistic Electronic Warfare Threats To Air Operations (EW TTAO) training to increase aircrew combat survivability and readiness.

About the 19 EWS

The 19 EWS was formed under a 3-Nation memorandum of understanding. It provides realistic electronic warfare threat training to air operations for US Joint, NATO and partner nation aircrew to increase combat readiness and survivability. The 19 EWS supports 45 exercises annually with its local, mobile, and Live-Synthetic-Blended (LSB) training capabilities.


19 EWS
Unit 3050 Box 20
APO, AE 09094
DSN: 314-480-5352
Comm: +49 (0) 6371-47-5352

19 EWS Leadership

Lt Col James "Holy" Schmidt
Capt Matthew Peabody
Director of Operations
MSgt Nancy Murillo-Alvarez