Planning and Approval

USAFE Public Affairs has been designated as the approval authority for requests of aerial demonstrations and static displays by any component military aircraft at events other than trade shows within the U.S. European Command Area of Responsibility.  Accordingly, all requests for EUCOM assets must be forwarded and approved by USAFE Public Affairs. To submit a request, please complete this form and email it to

Request Timeline

Demo Team requests for F-35s and F-16s need to be submitted NLT 15 May to USAFE Public Affairs one (1) year prior to the event.

Requests for T-Birds and Heritage Flight need to be submitted NLT 15 May to USAFE Public Affairs two (2) years prior to event.

Requests will be consolidated and forwarded to ACC for planning purposes. Approved ACC Air Show Schedule can be found here


ACC and USAFE do not fund aerial event participation.

Important Information

Flyovers will consist of no more than (NMT) 2 aircraft per type of aircraft and NMT 2 types of aircraft (e.g., cargo and fighter) – for a maximum of 4 aircraft total per flyover. No more than 1 flyover for a single event is permitted. Aircraft should be from the same Service.

*Mixed fixed-wing and rotary aircraft flyovers are not authorized unless the assets are already in country for an operational purpose (e.g., deployment, exercise, etc).

Static displays will consist of NMT 1 aircraft per type of aircraft.