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The Kisling NCO Academy Staff will pave the way for the transformational journey of NCOs to SNCOs.



To prepare junior enlisted leaders to be adaptable for current and future leadership and management challenges in order to operate [think/act] critically in complex and ambiguous environments.

NCOA Leadership

CMSgt. Terrance Smiley     Master Sgt. Jasmine Howell     Master Sgt. Boris Pettit
Chief Master Sgt. Terrance Smiley   Master Sgt. Jasmine Howell   Master Sgt. Boris Pettit
Commandant   Director of Education   Director of Resources



Student Reporting Procedures


Incoming Students -- Reporting Instructions


Non-local students:

All students not permanently as-signed to the KMC, must check-in with lodging prior to class start date.

Students must check-in at the main lodging office located on Vogelweh in Bldg. 1002.


***This is not on the same base as Kisling NCOA. If you are utilizing a taxi service, make sure they wait for you to complete check in so they can take you over to Kapaun Air Station.***


Lodging reserves NCOA rooms prior to student arrival. When contacting or arriving at lodging, let the front desk staff know that you are an NCOA student; this will eliminate any room duplications.


Local Students and Lodging:

Local students are authorized to stay in billeting at their OWN expense. This will be on a Space "A" basis only. Unit CCs may authorize local students to stay in lodging, but lodging costs will be unit funded on a Space "A" basis only


Rental Cars:

Students residing on campus are with-in walking distance of essential facilities. Rental cars are not authorized at the MAJCOM level. Units are responsible to pay for any rental car expenses; therefore, it is highly discouraged as it is not advantageous to the government or necessary for mission accomplishment.


Uniform Requirements:

During their time at the Kisling NCO Academy, it is important for students to know they will have the opportunity to wear ALL standard Air Force-issued uniforms. These uniforms include the service dress uniform, service uniform, and the ABU/OCP and PT uniform. Students should ensure their uniforms are clean, serviceable and adhere to the guidelines specified in AFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel. Additionally, uniform inspections will be indicated on class schedules. Students must wear all badges and ribbons for service dress and service uniforms. Ties/Tabs are mandatory. Leadership may make changes to the UOD based on mission requirements or weather constraints.

Student Responsibilities: 

Once entered into a resident Enlisted Professional Military Education program, students must understand attendance is mandatory and designed to prepare them to assume more responsibility as they achieve greater rank. In order to achieve success, students must be actively engaged in the learning process, adhere to class schedule attendance requirements and engage in the learning process by completing all homework, objectives, performance and remediation assignments on time. Students will not be excused for routine appointments, ceremonies or unit functions during duty hours. Routine appointments whether personal or medical must be rescheduled prior to Day 1 or after graduation. In class, students will listen actively, think critically and willingly discuss lesson principles in class. They must also practice and complete curriculum requirements while also participating in group activities. It is incumbent upon the student to put forth the effort necessary to achieve all learning objectives. This effort will lead to mastery of EPME curriculum material and ultimately to success as an Air Force NCO and future Senior NCO.



Commandant: Chief Master Sgt. Terrance Smiley

Director of Education: Master Sgt. Jasmine Howell

Director of Resources: Master Sgt. Boris Pettit

Knowledge Operation Manager: Master Sgt. Joey Cortez


Kisling NCO Academy

Geraude Bldg. 2789

Unit 3015

APO AE 09021-0570

Phone: 0631-536-6502

DSN: 314-489-6502

E-mail: usafencoa.kom@ramstein.af.mil


Important Phone #’s

Base Operator DSN: 480-1110

NCOA CQ (Student) DSN 489-6502

NCOA During Duty-Hours DSN 489-6502

NCOA After Hours Cell 0174-934-6305

Vogelweh Lodging Front Desk 489-8900, 489-8910, 489-8912

USAFE Command Post DSN 480-2121

Armed Forces Against Drunk Driving (AADD) 0631-536-2233 or DSN 489-2233



ABUs/OCPs (primary AFSC occupational badge and authorized headgear)

Blues Shirts (long and/or short sleeves) Flight cap (unless authorized to wear beret)

Service coat (all accouterments and with matching material/shade pants/skirts)

Low quarters, or pumps as applicable

Females are authorized to wear pants or skirt

AF PT gear

Note: In accordance with AFI 36-2903, 10.4.6. When performing special duties or attending professional military education, wear primary AFSC occupational badge.


Lightweight blue jacket

Sweater, pullover and/or cardigan

APECS or IRS jacket

Gortex jacket

Green Fleece

Blue all weather coat


Reflective belt (highly encouraged after dark)

NOTE: During the winter months, Nov. 1 - Feb. 28, the fleece/gortex will be worn during reveille and retreat ceremonies.