A3X Warfare Division

The A3X Warfare division consists of three branches, they are the Operational and Training Infrastructure Branch (A3XO), the Weapons and Tactics Branch (A3XW), and the Special Warfare Branch (A3XS).

About the A3X

Operational and Training Infrastructure Branch (A3XO):  Formulates and coordinates training infrastructure policy to support a realistic and integrated training environment to achieve and sustain full-spectrum combat readiness. Additionally, A3XO functions as an A3/10 Program Element Monitor (PEM), directly responsible for assigned programs of record supporting theater warfighter training needs and maintains documentation needed to harmonize execution within the overall USAFE/AFAFRICA annual budget specific to operational training infrastructure.

Weapons and Tactics Branch (A3XW):  The focal point for tactics development and integration. Hosts USAFE-AFAFRICA WEPTAC and a Tactics Review Board, maintains the USAFE Tactical Standards document, produces Aviation Unit Prep Messages for rotational units, and co-chairs A2’s European Tactics Analysis Team conference. Additionally, A3XW members serve as weapon system integration SMEs for theater operational planning and exercises, regularly integrating with the 603d AOC and sister service “Fires” branches. As senior MDS instructors, A3XW aircrew maintain currency in their respective aircraft and serve as MAJCOM evaluators and members on the USAF Weapon School Selection Boards. Day to day, A3XW provides weapons expertise, coordinates live fire training events, allocation and basing of theater munitions, weapon system evaluations (COMBAT ARCHER/HAMMER/SHIELD), and weapon-specific mobile training teams for theater Partners and Allies. Lastly, includes CAF Functional Area Managers who provide subject matter expertise on all issues relating to current operations, readiness, training, and flying interaction with NATO nations.

Special Warfare Branch (A3XS):  The focal point for Air Force Special Warfare, Contingency Response, and (in conjunction with A3AV) Personnel Recovery. Functional management of Joint Terminal Attack Control (JTAC), Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE), Pararescue, Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), Combat Rescue Officer, and TACP Officer, and manages program elements 27225, 27227, and 27418. A3XS is a collective of disparate surface-centric specialties with a singular focus toward leveraging US, NATO, and Allied Partner Air Power from forward-positioned enabling forces. Fosters interoperable CAF SPECWAR capabilities and advances theater agile basing. Supports Senior Leader Engagements, enables Force Modernization, and Building Partnership Capacity / Theater Security Cooperation efforts.


Mr. Lloyd Malone
DSN: 478-7716

Lt Col Michael Loringer
DSN: 480-6134

Lt Col Nicholas Morgans
DSN: 478-7711


Col Dean Berck
Division Chief