Combat Training School


Develop joint and coalition IAMD forces through tailored academics, assessments, experimentation, and wargaming in collaboration with key partners. 

By 2024, equip European and African Senior Leaders with forces trained and educated to win in any multi-domain IAMD conflict.

About CTS

Provide IAMD Education and Training

  • IAMD Academics
  • Shared Early Warning
  • IAMD Systems – Cyber Considerations
  • Counter Small Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Hypersonics Overview
  • NATO IAMD Doctrine
  • Tailored training by request

Modeling and Simulation support for academics, briefs, exercises

  • Tailored support by request

Assessments and Analysis Support

  • Dashboard Development
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Exercise Assessments & Lessons Learned

CTS Contact Info

Combat Training School
Unit 3050,
Box 20, APO AE 09021-3050
DSN: 314-478-6150
Commercial: +49 (0) 6371-405-6150

For more information email:

CTS Leadership

Lt Col Meredith Young

Maj Laura Eberhart
Director of Operations

MSgt Kenton Craddock
Senior Enlisted Leader