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Inter-European Air Forces Academy

Enable combined, joint air operations by strengthening NATO and Partnership for Peace air force capabilities and interoperability through targeted military education and training

A responsive, full-spectrum military education and training academy which directly enables combined, joint air operations with our NATO Allies and Partnership for Peace partners

2018 - 2019 Course Schedule

IESOS and IENCOA In-Residence Course Schedule:

25 February - 29 March 2019
27 May - 28 June 2019
21 October - 22 November 2019

Inter-European Aviation Safety Program Management Course

29 April - 10 May 2019 - Kapaun Air Station, Germany (Accepting Nominations)
9-20 September 2019 - Kapaun Air Station, Germany (Tentative)

Inter-European Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course

4-8 June 2018 - Ramstein Air Base, Germany
15-19 July 2019 - Ramstein Air Base, Germany


IESOS - Inter-European Squadron Officer School (MASL: D228011)
IENCOA - Inter-European Noncommissioned Officer Academy (MASL: D228012)
IEASPM - Inter-European Aviation Safety Program Management (MASL: D228013)
IETCCC - Inter-European Tactical Combat Casualty Care (MASL: D228014)

Process and Requirements

All international students must be nominated by their respective Ministry of Defense to the U.S. Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) in their country for course enrollment.  Interested students should work with their respective military's training and education course scheduler to coordinate with the ODC on all course requirements. 

Currently only USAF Officers and NCOs stationed in the USAFE-AFAFRICA theater are eligible to attend IESOS or IENCOA. Interested candidates should submit a formal application IAW with the "Call for USAF Students" guidelines distributed to individual wing leaderships.

The CY19 IENCOA and IESOS applicant boards are complete.  The list of CY19 Class selects and alternates were sent to respective Commanders, Directors, and Chiefs on 15 Jan 19. 

For more information on the courses offered and student requirements, please visit the "Course Information Links" section of this website or email USAFEWPC.IEAFA.studentaffairs@us.af.mil.




IEAFA Contact Info

Inter-European Air Forces Academy
Unit 3051, APO AE 09021-3051
DSN: 314-478-6185
Commercial: +49 (0) 6371-405-6185

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IEAFA Leadership

Lt Col David M. Max

Maj Andrew J. Westman
Director of Operations

SMSgt J. Travis Robbins