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  • Incirlik behind the scenes: Scalpel, forceps, gauze! Medical Logistics supplies medics

    “Medical Logistics is a highly sensitive environment where timing matters immensely.” Maj. Crystal Karahan, 39th Medical Support Squadron Medical Logistics flight commander, didn’t mince words when explaining how a rarely seen part of Incirlik Air Base functions and plays a mission critical role in daily operations.
  • Incirlik Behind the Scenes: 39th CS keeps Incirlik in-touch

    Incirlik Air Base functions purely on the efforts of its dedicated Airmen, working together to ensure the base’s continuing effort of supporting U.S. allies and coalition partners continues without fail. Each working area performs a vital support function and this ‘Behind the Scenes’ series will highlight what they do for the mission.
  • 52nd FW Airman exemplifies service before self during COVID-19

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many uncertainties and closures due to this silent villain. Many Airmen and their families have to adjust to the new normal that came with the virus.
  • “Check on us… we’re not ok!”

    An Airman posted this message on social media; a cry for help amidst a period of racial violence and social turmoil in America. U.S. troops stationed overseas could only watch as their nation reeled under one of the most divisive chapters in its history.
  • Men at work: the life of a cable dawg

    Whether it is climbing down a manhole or up a tower, battling the summer heat, facing wild animals or just another day on the job—life is full of adventures when you’re a cable dawg.
  • Sextortion: “It’s a trap!”

    Sexual extortion, often called “sextortion,” poses a significant threat to cyber surfers everywhere—even in the military.
  • Teleworking upholds Incirlik mission

    While the world continues to battle COVID-19, the Titans of Incirlik Air Base continue the mission with support from the 39th Communications Squadron.
  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day: SNCO couple reflects on experiences during COVID-19

    Military Spouse Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on May 8 to acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices spouses make for their loved ones in the Armed Forces. Military spouses are the “glue” that holds families together when their family member must report for duty at a moment’s notice.
  • Month of the Military Child: “Goodbye, hello… goodbye again”

    Many military men and women have to be away from their loved ones for months at a time. The wait to reunite can feel like an eternity. His wife was due to give birth Dec.17, but he would not be able to depart Incirlik until Dec. 10. The issue he had to face was people moving to their next duty station and taking precedence over his leave.“I was
  • 39th SFS remembers MWD Bruno

    INCIRLIK AIR BASE, Turkey -- Losing a pet is an event many might describe as similar to losing a loved one. It may be difficult for some to understand the bond between an animal and owner, but it's not a bond that should be taken lightly. This is a bond that many Military Working Dog (MWD) handlers understand and share with their canine partners. The United States Air Force is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of MWDs. When one of the dogs falls ill, they do what they can to provide care and treatment. Unfortunately, it’s not always enough. Such is the case of MWD Bruno, whose life and service to his country was cut short due to cervical intervertebral disc disease and degenerative lumbosacral stenosis, both of which affected his spinal cord and caused him severe pain.