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  • #SheDefends: Senior Airman Struhltrager

    In the month of March, the world recognizes the contributions of women, remembering those who paved the way for future generations. The 501st Combat Support Wing is highlighting exemplary women who light the way for the Pathfinders around them.
  • A chance at a brighter future

    “You’re here with me because nobody else wants you,” Master Sgt. Debbie Jackson recalled one of her relatives saying. “That line stuck with me for a very long time.”
  • “As long as we are alive, we can rebuild”

    Tech. Sgt. Jim Araos was just 10 years old when he tried to kill his father, Mikas, in his sleep.
  • 52d MXS engine flight revs up morale, wins awards

    Anyone who visits the engine shop here may sense a positive atmosphere and strong work ethic.U.S. Air Force Airmen from the 52nd Maintenance Squadron Propulsion Flight have noteworthy high morale, which is a direct result of a family-oriented environment and strong leadership, enabling them to win awards.The flight is U.S. Air Forces in Europe’s
  • Chaplain answers the call to protect

    “I want people to know every relationship might have its difficulties, but this way of interacting with your partner is not normal and it’s not okay,” said Capt. Hans Decker, 501st Combat Support Wing chaplain, working at RAF Croughton, England.
  • A Day in the Life: 52nd Aerospace Medical Squadron Bioenvironmental Engineering

    On the third floor of building 175 on Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, 17 members of the 52nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron Bioenvironmental Engineering flight work to ensure the long-term safety and health of members of the 52nd Fighter Wing.
  • Combating electronic warfare: 1 CBCS’ secret weapon

    Imagine waking up in the unknown with no knowledge of your surroundings, without a single piece of working technology. You can’t contact anyone, you can’t determine your location through GPS, and you can’t access the internet for how-to videos on survival. Now, imagine you’re in enemy territory and bullets are zipping through the air around you.How
  • 52d FW innovation team betters workflow, quality of life

    People have strived to make life just a little bit better since the beginning of mankind. These days, inconveniences are much smaller. For instance, a broken phone screen could jokingly be called a “first-world problem.”However, U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Matthew Connelly, 52nd Maintenance Squadron precision-guided munitions production supervisor,
  • Blue Flag brings Israeli, U.S. service members together with similar ties, different callings

    No matter who you are or what your background is, you can feel drawn to military service and that calling is different for everyone; Blue Flag highlighted that calling for two service members.
  • Terri: Angel in disguise

    On Thursday morning, Sept. 22, 2016, Theresa Lukens was driving to base to meet with a friend before her son left for a football game. Before entering the gate, she received a call. “Over my speakerphone the radiologist said, ‘The news is not good,’” said Lukens. “‘Your tests came back and you have cancer.’ As emotions took over, I pulled my vehicle to the side and started crying. Everything began to go gray and swirl.” Lukens was diagnosed with stage 2A breast cancer.