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  • 52nd CES Fire Department sparks interest in high school student

    “Just looking at a fire right in the face, it was right there, no further than a foot away from me. I’m just standing there, being told what to do, having to react,” reminisced one high school student here.Omar Moylan, a senior at Spangdahlem High School, trained on his first live-fire exercise with

  • The flightline never sleeps: AMXS Airmen operate at night

    The launch and recovery of aircraft, engine maintenance and servicing life-saving equipment are just samples of the many tasks needed to support the flying mission of the 52nd Fighter Wing. The Airmen of the 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron are experts in adaptability, able to operate in a vast

  • Spangdahlem Airman selected for US Air Force Honor Guard

    Training to be a ceremonial guardsman in the United States Air Force Honor Guard occurs at Joint Base Anacostia-Boiling, D.C. It is a two-month long intense program that includes everything from physical training to standing at attention as students train on color guard, firing party, pallbearers,

  • Watch me lift: Spangdahlem powerlifting champion

    There is a certain technique to deadlifting more than 300 pounds, and one Airman here has become very good at it.5 feet 1 inch tall weighing 125 pounds, Staff Sgt. Patricia West, 52nd Command Post senior emergency actions controller, showed her award winning technique when she competed and won first

  • Defender delivers baby at gate

    Most installation entry controllers expect to come into work and perform their usual duties to defend the base from unwelcomed visitors. Occasionally, something interesting happens and they respond accordingly. Then, there’s the unexpected.For Senior Airman Cadairo Domino, 86th Security Forces

  • LaFlamme brothers: Identical twins, identical Air Force careers

    Growing up, they were known around their small town as “the twins.” Their mother dressed them in matching outfits as infants, and they participated in the same school activities. Although they gained their own identity as they got older, they now have the same job and wear the same uniform.U.S. Air

  • Wheels to reels

    A swarm of motorized bikes buzzed like bees as they traversed the terrain. Tires dug into the track, flinging mud behind them. A young boy determined to beat the clock was then confronted by a ten foot roller, a speed deterrent not meant to be jumped. As he climbed the mountainous dirt pile, a