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  • Know the 'signs' of a local election, 2016 edition

    It seems you just can't read a magazine, click through your TV channels or swipe your thumb on your cellphone without seeing an advertisement, news story or viral video about the 2016 American presidential election.You'd think being stationed overseas would remove you from such electoral rumblings. Now your drives through the scenic Eifel landscape
  • Strength in diversity, empowered by a proud heritage

    Throughout my Air Force career, I've cooked for, performed at and spoken to Asian-Pacific Heritage festivities from Kunsan to Langley.  With more than 18 million Asian-Pacific Americans from nearly 50 countries and ethnic groups, it can be a challenge to include every group; each with distinct languages, cultures, traditions and beliefs.  But there
  • The devil inside: interrupted

    Editor's Note: This article is part two of a three-part commentary depicting the story of an Airman struggling with the return from deployment, divorce and attempted suicide. The name of the individual has been changed or removed to protect the identities of those involved.Military life can be challenging. Frequent deployments and temporary duties,
  • The devil inside: deployment, divorce, attempted suicide

    Editor's Note: This article is part one of a three-part commentary depicting the struggle of an Airman with returning from deployment, divorce and attempted suicide. The names of individuals have been changed or removed to protect the identities of those involved.Any service member who signed up after 9/11 did so knowing that they would likely
  • 'Go to guy': Getting missions done

    In almost every work center there is always at least one 'go-to guy'. Everyone knows who this person is and they are usually easy to spot. Sometimes the 'go-to guy' is the hardest working Airman in their section. Other times they are the subject matter expert in their career field, regardless of rank. The 'go-to guy' is always the person
  • Feedback is essential to AF integrity

    I was going through some old files, and I found a few notes that were written to me by the comptroller of a major command on several different occasions. One letter conveyed his best wishes on my birthday.  A second one thanked me and my unit for our hospitality during his recent visit to the base.  These letters reminded me how important it is to
  • So there I was...

    So there I was ... trying to watch NFL Thursday Night Football on a Friday night with my NFL Game Pass.  The Denver Broncos versus the Kansas City Chiefs was the feature game. I watched the opening vignette that the NFL presents to hype the game just before kickoff four times in a row due to Internet issues. This was definitely not the ideal way to
  • 'We're all in this together' -- A senior NCO's five constants

    Service in the Air Force today means different things for different people. Depending on your unique circumstances, such as family dynamics, job or upbringing, how you navigate through those dynamics can have a significant impact on your time serving and significantly help you prepare for the day you no longer will wear the uniform, whether that's
  • IDMT: Not your regular medics

    In 1947, when the Air Force separated from the Army, only 1,480 service members were permitted to transfer to the Air Force Medical Service Corp. Shortly after, the service recognized the need to develop and train its own medics and established training at Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base, Alabama.Training was going well until the late 1950s when the
  • Am I Serving?

    As a young Captain, sitting in the "Blue Room" at Squadron Officer School, I had the pleasure of hearing many general officers speak to us on various subjects. One subject in particular has stuck with me over the years and it was a general who talked to my SOS class about service.He told a story about being a young fighter pilot and an elderly lady