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  • How I learned to stop worrying and love the beat

    Europe has been known to suffer horribly depressing winters and it comes to no surprise that many inhabitants look forward to the glorious relief of summer. Why is summer so fantastic in Europe? What makes it so magical? After nearly completing my tour here I believe I have found the answer: summer festival season.When the weather begins to wrap
  • Diversity, performance and mission success: A commander's perspective

    How does a front-line Air Force fighter squadron, tasked to deliver combat air power at a moment's notice, incorporate and encourage the broad principles of diversity into its effort?  Quite simply, we cannot accept anything less than a diverse team to achieve mission success.  For a combat fighter squadron, diversity is a force multiplier across
  • Lessons of the past lead to stable future

    The car bumped and bounced along the road peppered with loose rocks and potholes. Buildings flew by, both new and old, that symbolized national struggle and a commitment to rebuild. It was hard to believe that nearly 75 years ago, the road leading to and from Gniezno, the former capital of modern day Poland, was lined with troops from the Third
  • Courage is born of encouragement

    There was a point in my life when I didn't see a future, but I found comfort through different base agencies. Adapting to our military lifestyle is not just difficult for our significant others and children, but also for those of us who joined.As a career assistance adviser, I've had the distinct privilege of learning from thousands of people over
  • The secret to success is TAP

    The Transition Assistance Program class I took from April 14 - 18 was an eye-opening experience. As the Manpower & Personnel Flight Chief for Spangdahlem Air Base, I see the "behind the scenes" of all of these Force Management programs that have been in effect so far this year. Now, as an officer whose Air Force Specialty Code and year group were
  • Strength in Diversity: Tech. Sgt. Compton's perspective

    Before I joined the Air Force I recall being looked at with disgust by some when I hung around people that did not share the same color of skin as mine. I didn't know until I joined the Air Force that people from every town did not share those same beliefs. Our diversity is one of the things I love most about the Air Force. I spent the first nine
  • After the Battle: The return home

    Editor's Note: This is the sixth in a six-part series about medical response capabilities for deployed service members from start to finish and the various milestones for care and transportation of combat-wounded troops throughout Afghanistan.I have spent more than a year telling the story of our nations wounded warriors as I followed their
  • Strength in Diversity: Out of many, one

    Have you ever been struck anew by a reality that you're so aware of that it has lost its impact?The other week while waiting in line at the Fort Meade dining facility I found myself musing over the fact we are a diverse military. That's one of those, "well, duh" kind of thoughts, but it was meaningful to me. I stood there in line and smiled at the
  • Who told you 'You can't vote?'

    Voting - it is a vital right we in the Armed Forces defend every day. By exercising your right to vote, you are letting your voice be known and telling your civic leaders that you care what decisions are being made. As Andrew Lack, CEO of the Bloomberg Media Group, said, "Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote." For such an
  • Strength in diversity: Maj. Libbey’s perspective

    Potpourri of excellence.The Air Force blessed me with two years of serving alongside the longest-serving general officer in Department of Defense history, Maj. Gen. Alfred Flowers. He never missed an opportunity to turn a stranger in the halls of the Pentagon into a friend, or to share his battle-proven wisdom with junior officers like me. Many of