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  • Strength in diversity: Maj. Libbey’s perspective

    Potpourri of excellence.The Air Force blessed me with two years of serving alongside the longest-serving general officer in Department of Defense history, Maj. Gen. Alfred Flowers. He never missed an opportunity to turn a stranger in the halls of the Pentagon into a friend, or to share his battle-proven wisdom with junior officers like me. Many of
  • Difficult force shaping calls made tougher by undeserved 'Firewall 5's'

    I was not a very good Airman in the early days of my Air Force career. I was passably good at my job and very bad at the Air Force. Here is an actual quote from one of my early Enlisted Performance Reports: "Improved responsibility in off-duty affairs would quickly set this top-notch performer above the rest." Literally translated, "Stop being an
  • Step up, step in to eliminate iniquities

    A few weeks ago, I was watching my favorite show and a popular Armed Forces Network commercial came on featuring Gen. Frank Gorenc, U.S. Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa commander, and Chief Master Sgt. James Davis, USAFE command chief. At the end of the commercial were the words "Step Up, Step In," and for some reason, the phrase has
  • What SAPR stand down day is all about

    Ever since I can remember, I enjoyed helping people. It was something that brought me great happiness. Helping support my friends, family and co-workers was always something that I felt was my mission to do. I felt a personal responsibility to serve others and to relieve the pain of those around me if I could. I felt called to do this type of work
  • It's About the Fairness of the Process

    Occasionally, folks around the base will ask me after a court-martial, "What do you think about the result?" The question comes up more often when the accused member is acquitted or when the punishment appears to be somewhat lenient. This occasionally causes me to scratch my head a bit. The apparent implication is that I would expect a conviction
  • What I learned from amputees: it wasn't what I expected

    A number of years ago, I had the privilege to serve as a chaplain in a training program at the San Antonio Military Medical Center, formerly known as Brooke General Hospital. The program included rotations through a number of different sections on the medical campus. I served two rotations at the Center for the Intrepid, a world-class
  • Strength in diversity: Col. Bargery's perspective

    As a young U.S. Air Force captain, I served with British forces in a special exchange program. As the only American in an intense and stressful six-month selection course, I was forced to quickly adapt to the special culture into which I'd been thrust. The unique, two-year assignment that followed taught me numerous lessons. I learned how our
  • Step up to address toxic leadership

    Whether we like to admit it or not, toxic leaders exist in our Air Force, from front line supervisors to commanding officers.Every Airman must recognize and confront toxic leadership, because it undermines good order and discipline, corrupts the force from the inside out and is counter to a healthy organizational climate. What does toxic leadership
  • Zero

    33 - the number of Airmen who have taken their own lives as of April 12, this year. 66 - the number of Air Force moms and dads who have to bear the grief of losing their son or daughter to an untimely and preventable death this year. I have children of my own, and I can't even bear to think about what it would feel like to lose one of them. I can
  • Apply OODA Loop before making commitments

    How many times have you wanted to quit something you were doing? As children, we were often tired, bored or just done with an event but Mom or Dad would not let us stop. I know I did this with my kids. I told them that if they chose to compete for a place on a sports team or take on a project, that they must see it through to completion. Of course