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  • Wisconsinite to Airmen: Put junk in yo trunk!

    It's wintertime, and you're most likely dashing over the river and through the woods to get to where you need to go. But what if you find yourself spinning on black ice into a frightening nightmare before Christmas off a desolate farm road? What would you do next and how long do you think you could be stuck?Well, I'll be the first to admit I am no
  • Tips for holiday survival

    The winter holiday period, now until New Year's Day, is a wonderful time. Usually, people spend quality time with loved ones, celebrate traditions and enjoy being with each other. Conversely, those who have recently joined the military or moved overseas may find the holidays a lonely time. If you will be spending the holidays away from family -
  • SLAP your Airmen daily

    Have you ever wanted to SLAP your Airmen? Have you ever wanted to SLAP them in hopes of teaching them a lesson? Have you ever wanted to SLAP them but feared going to jail? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, here is a way to accomplish it, legally.A good hard SLAP to your Airman's face will go a long way for a supervisor and the
  • Learning to live a new "normal"

    Everyone reacts differently to tragic events when they happen, but I never thought I would react the way I did when tragedy happened to me.I always thought of myself as a strong person that could handle anything. However, when my son died, I initially felt like I would not be able to live my life in any state of "normal" ever again. I have never
  • Call it like it is

    Have you ever done something wrong, intentional or not, that other people might not find out about or at least know who was responsible? Those are defining moments in our lives. Those are moments that can either build character as we make the tough decision to fess up, or they can reveal weakness and lack of integrity that's incompatible with our
  • Register to Vote in 20 easy steps!

    It's a year until the midterm elections, but primaries for state elections are just months away. While more people vote in presidential elections than midterm elections, Americans have the chance to vote Nov. 4, 2014, to determine more than half of the governorships, a third of the U.S. Senate, all 435 members of the House of Representatives and
  • Make the right call

    It baffles me how people come to the conclusion that drinking and driving is in any way acceptable -- ever!Whether they feel like the rules don't apply to them, they won't get caught or they're "fine" to drive, I just don't understand why anybody would take that risk. The risk to put their own life and everybody else in danger is a selfish decision
  • How engaging an Airman made a difference

    One afternoon, I came home from work to find my wife and two kids gone. Now, when there's no note saying, "I went out shopping, or I'm with a friend," and I have the only car, I knew exactly what happened.Most people have had that person who shows a genuine interest in their lives. Sometimes, it's a first sergeant, a commander, or even a co-worker.
  • Radical Leadership key to change the world

    We need radical leaders! We need men and women who are not afraid to make changes to the way we accomplish our mission despite the pressure to keep doing things the same old way. Radical leadership is a topic unsettling to those who are comfortable in the status quo. But for us to survive the rapid pace of change in military operations, in an era
  • Be your own wingman

    It is truly a demanding time to serve overseas. This command continues to execute at a high ops tempo with new and enduring missions in Europe and Africa, providing forward-based combat airpower in an environment tempered by fiscal uncertainty and restricted budgets. While the impact of the recent government shutdown is still fresh in our minds, I