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  • Make the right call

    It baffles me how people come to the conclusion that drinking and driving is in any way acceptable -- ever!Whether they feel like the rules don't apply to them, they won't get caught or they're "fine" to drive, I just don't understand why anybody would take that risk. The risk to put their own life and everybody else in danger is a selfish decision
  • How engaging an Airman made a difference

    One afternoon, I came home from work to find my wife and two kids gone. Now, when there's no note saying, "I went out shopping, or I'm with a friend," and I have the only car, I knew exactly what happened.Most people have had that person who shows a genuine interest in their lives. Sometimes, it's a first sergeant, a commander, or even a co-worker.
  • Radical Leadership key to change the world

    We need radical leaders! We need men and women who are not afraid to make changes to the way we accomplish our mission despite the pressure to keep doing things the same old way. Radical leadership is a topic unsettling to those who are comfortable in the status quo. But for us to survive the rapid pace of change in military operations, in an era
  • Be your own wingman

    It is truly a demanding time to serve overseas. This command continues to execute at a high ops tempo with new and enduring missions in Europe and Africa, providing forward-based combat airpower in an environment tempered by fiscal uncertainty and restricted budgets. While the impact of the recent government shutdown is still fresh in our minds, I
  • The power of encouragement

    Never underestimate the power of encouragement.When I enlisted in the Air Force in 1993, I had hoped to go to Officer Training School a year later. After seeing how stiff the competition was with only extremely high Air Force Officer Qualifying Test scores being accepted, along with high GPAs, I was discouraged after not making it the first time. I
  • Air Force publishes sexual assault convictions

    In order to raise awareness of and hopefully prevent sexual assault, the Air Force now publishes sexual assault convictions on-line. Anyone can go to the Air Force Judge Advocate Website and review more than 100 sexual assault convictions from across the Air Force, to include viewing them by base. After a few minutes of reviewing the facts of these
  • Don't pull the trigger

    Editor's note: This is the third in a series of related articles on the progression of quitting smoking through the first-hand account of Airman Ryan Conroy. The series takes a look at how anyone with the drive and determination can quit for good with the use of base resources and medical professionals.My hands are shaking. My thoughts are racing,
  • Excuses don't burn calories

    I never thought working out could change someone's life, but it has changed mine. My entire life I'd always been thin, I'd never had to diet or exercise and I could eat whatever I wanted. That is, until I had a baby. I did almost everything by the book--I cut out junk food, ate my fruits and vegetables and exercised throughout my pregnancy, but I
  • A little goes a long way

    The first thing to go is your judgment. Without judgment, the motives behind our decision making process are flawed. All it takes is three glasses -- apparently. I felt fine throughout the night, enjoying my time, eating dinner, sampling a glass of wine here and a glass there. I certainly felt sober enough to drive and it could have been the last
  • Rain, rain go away...

    Most people are familiar with the idiomatic concept of storing some cash away in one's pocket for a rainy day. Well, the weather report for today is cloudy with scattered showers. While today's spotty precipitation may only affect certain groups of people, the 30-day forecast shows the possibility of widespread showers and downpours. So, are you