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  • Many Airmen, many reasons for service committment

    During a recent stand-up meeting, the wing chaplain shared his thoughts on the word "diligence." The discussion that followed caused me think about words and definitions. Consider the word "commitment." A dictionary definition of commitment includes phrases like "the act of committing," or "the state of being committed." Words like guarantee,
  • Slowest of suicides

    Editor's note: This is the first in a series of related articles on the progression of quitting smoking through the first-hand account of Airman Ryan Conroy. The series takes a look at how anyone with the drive and determination can quit for good with the use of base resources and medical professionals. I've been slowly killing myself for the past
  • Continuing the service

    Everyone joins the military for different reasons. Some join because they want to serve their country, others to follow family tradition. Some join because they want to see the world, while others simply need a job.I enlisted as a third-generation Airman, and at least fourth-generation military. Because of that legacy, I wanted to devote some time
  • Core values tackle adversity

    The crowd is on their feet screaming with fists pumping as the quarterback walks up to the line of scrimmage. The slight rise and fall of his right leg signals motion, sending the wide receiver full speed toward the opposite sideline. The quarterback initiates the play quickly taking three steps backward. As defenders close in on him, he escapes by
  • Drunk driving: prepare for impact

    Henry Dang was a sophomore in high school who played basketball and ran track with aspirations of one day wearing a law enforcement badge and uniform. He was well liked by everyone around him, excelled in school and his first priority was always his family. Henry was a close friend of mine. I say 'was' because during my senior year in high school,
  • Back to mission basics: accomplishment vs. enhancement

    For far too long the phrase, "doing more with less" has dominated the Air Force's fiscal vocabulary. With sequestration taking full effect, the Department of Defense has implemented a $450 billion budget cut over the next 10 years, while reshaping its mission around the world. In fact, "doing less with less" is the mantra of a new operating
  • Being spiritually resilient without religion: an alternate perspective

    We all have our bumps in the road. Some are minor speed bumps and others are gaping potholes. Those are times where it seems there is nowhere to turn. But, it isn't about what got us there; it's about what brought us back that counts and makes us resilient Airmen. Spiritual resiliency is about having a sense of purpose; those values that sustain
  • How helping others helps you

    So, there I was driving a 15-passenger van full of technical training students from San Antonio, Texas, to Joplin, Mo., on Fourth of July weekend, 2011. We were on a mission to help clean up after some devastating tornados struck the Missouri city. Although we were on a mission to serve and help others, we were unaware of some profound blessings
  • ABCs

    Over my 20-year career I have been constantly honing my leadership skills. Most of the leadership tools have come from various leaders I have worked with, or witnessing their philosophy through briefings.One such leader was the former Commander of Air Education Training Command, retired Gen. Stephen Lorenz, who I heard deliver his inspiring
  • SAPR Down Day - Step Up, Step In

    In this dangerous world, the last enemy our Airmen need to face is one from within our own Air Force family. Fostering a professional climate free from sexual assault is every Airman's responsibility. That is why we are standing down command mission activities to focus our attention on the serious issue of sexual assault prevention and response. We