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  • Watch your mouth!

    Finance. Comptroller squadron. Whatever you want to call them, they are probably one of the most loved and hated functions in the Air Force. When things are going well with our pay and allowances, we have good thoughts about our financial gurus. But when something goes wrong, it's a different story! I'd be lying if I said I have not, at some point
  • A simple request

    I read the email with disbelief that there would be 700 sexual assaults across the Air Force in 2012. Some would read that number and claim while not one is acceptable it is still a small percentage given the size of our force. But then I thought what if all 700 were on your base? How is combat capability affected when it would take down an entire
  • Leadership on duty, balance in life

    Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State Colin Powell once remarked that, "Leadership is the Art of accomplishing more than the Science of Management says is possible." As this statement indicates, the difference between leadership and management is not simply semantic, but often is the crucial element in an organization
  • Sequestration: How USAFE-AFAFRICA may be affected

    As we approach the automatic budget cuts slated to go into effect on March 1, I would like to share some of my thoughts on how our command may be affected and how we will respond. Our outstanding team of resource managers has tirelessly planned for these cuts, and we are prepared to implement them if necessary. Regardless of what happens in the
  • Who are the sexual predators?

    According to a 2010 report on the prevalence and incidence of sexual assault in the Air Force, 96.6 percent of perpetrators of sexual assault against women are men. The study also found that men who are serial offenders, or to use a more common descriptor, sexual predators, are responsible for more than 90 percent of attacks that occur in many
  • Setting a financial 'tone from the top'

    It has been said that no one can accurately predict where the U.S. military will need to respond next: the workload and requirements are uncertain. Nearly as unpredictable is the future of the nation's finances. With much talk of the fiscal cliff in the news recently, how quickly can the U.S. economy recover, and what will happen to the global
  • Red

    You could say that my Air Force career has revolved around a red pen since I joined in July of 2004. I grew up in the world of aircraft maintenance as an Electrical and Environmental Systems specialist, always with a "red" stuck in my sleeve in order to "break" an aircraft with a crimson "X." Now, as a public affairs officer, I have an "editing
  • Every Airman a Sensor

    I would like to have a few moments of your time to tell you something of great concern to me. I have had the privilege of serving in the Air Force for 35 years and there is nothing more important to me as your commander than your safety and your welfare. I recently began visiting your wings and many have heard me say that every Airman is a sensor.
  • 'Have some guts'

    All calls. We've all been to them, standing in a hangar or auditorium listening to someone with much more rank than us often because it was a mandatory function rather than because of a burning desire to hear the speaker's words of wisdom. Any Airman can probably give the top two or three takeaways from just about any all call, because they're
  • Confession of a chaplain: "I shouldn't be here"

    My secret is I shouldn't be here. I was disqualified from becoming a chaplain. Now that I have that off my chest, let me share with you why that is helpful to know. The Enlisted Force Structure, AFI 36-2618, says that Airmen must be spiritually ready to accomplish the mission.Spiritual readiness is described as "the development of those personal