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  • Leading at the MUNSS

    Before coming to the 701st Munitions Support Squadron in 2010, I had heard of a MUNSS and geographically separated units but knew nothing of them. Most do not know the 52nd Fighter Wing has four munitions squadrons attached to it, and the one I am a part of is in Belgium. We are classified as a geographically separated unit as we are a two-hour
  • Leaders are built with strong foundation

    Since being stationed at Aviano Air Base, I have enjoyed running and biking through many old towns and areas of historical and cultural significance. On one occasion, when running through a small town, I started thinking about the construction of its ancient structures. The buildings continue to stand firm and are as precise today as when they were
  • Make readiness a personal experience

    Recently the world watched in shock as U.S. embassies in multiple countries came under attack and we suffered the first death of a U.S. ambassador in office, in more than 20 years. These events serve as a reminder to Airmen everywhere on how quickly and unexpectedly the call for help can come and how often there is little time to prepare. Airmen
  • Lakenheath begins Energy Action Month with initiative

    October is Energy Action Month and I would like to take the opportunity to stress the importance of energy and water conservation. The 2012 theme is "I am Air Force Energy." With that, we need to look inward at ourselves, our equipment, our usage requirements and our processes.To start this year off right, we have chosen three areas to focus on.
  • Priority three: building partnerships

    Strengthen and leverage partnerships with Air Force, joint and international partners. The third of our wing's priorities directs us to embrace the synergy that comes from forming dynamic partnership opportunities with our fellow Airmen within our wing and outside our wing, and with our many joint and international teammates. By uniting our
  • 48th MDG responds in my darkest hour

    I want the nightmares to stop!That's one thing I told Dr. Jeffery Peterson, a 48th Medical Operations Squadron clinical psychologist, when I went to see him last year. I admit the visit wasn't voluntary.Just before leaving Afghanistan in May 2011, I had to accomplish an online post-deployment health assessment and was flagged by many of my
  • Flashbacks of War: Remembering Red Sand

    Like many, I was prepared to lay down my life for my country each time I shipped off to war. There were a few times when I genuinely believed the cost would be my life, but, sadly it's turned out to be much more.The sacrifices paid in combat can't be quantified in dollars or time, but are counted in tears shed by those who love and support us while
  • My job is prosecuting sexual assault

    Here's a simple truth...sexual offenders reject our core values of integrity, service and excellence, in favor of following their own base, undisciplined, criminal desires. Most sexual assaults committed by Airmen are "blue on blue," or Airmen victimizing other Airmen. So in addition to rejecting our core values, these undisciplined Airmen reject
  • Attitude: The key ingredient in resiliency

    "There will be demands upon your ability, upon your endurance, upon your disposition, upon your patience...just as fire tempers iron into fine steel so does adversity temper one's character into firmness, tolerance, and determination" - Sen. Margaret Chase Smith. As we've gone through the past couple of resiliency days, I, like many other people,
  • I heard retreat today

    I don't get out to the base much these days. I don't even remember what I needed to pick up, but after a long day of yard work I stopped by the Shoppette. I found a good parking spot and headed into the store, and just before entering, I heard the scratchy recording of "To the Colors" start to bleat out of the public address system. It was an old