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  • Shoplifter recounts recent experience

    The first time I was in the newspaper was when I was 5, telling people how to make a Thanksgiving turkey. The second time I was in the newspaper was in the blotter for being caught shoplifting. At first, I was sure I had gotten away with it. I had left the base exchange and it was all over. But really, it was only the beginning. A person with base
  • Behind the wheel, think like Clint Eastwood

    This summer, service members across the KMC will partake in a European version of the great American pastime called the "road trip." Countless locales across the continent beckon you to come and play. Of course, leisure time plays an important role in the military lifestyle, but no responsibility is as essential as safety. With the 101 Critical
  • A high price to pay

    Many of you weren't here a year and a half ago when we received the command post notification of an active duty member and his family involved in a car accident. Although the member and his family survived, unfortunately, two British civilians were killed.I remember the day clearly, and the terrible repercussions a superb Air Force senior NCO had
  • Don't miss chances to see big picture

    I guess I would consider myself lucky - perhaps luckier than other Airmen - to see what I've seen. I've seen the bigger picture. Have you? I've sunk into boot-sucking mud with the Cable Dawgs while they worked with hundreds of miles of cable beneath our very feet. I've braved face-chapping cold with maintainers and saw what it took to get their
  • Stranded: Driver realizes winter car kit importance

    Fearlessly, my husband and I set off on the Autostrada. Destination: The Christmas market in Salzburg. We had Heidi, our sturdy and reliable Honda Civic. She may have not been the best looking car, but Heidi never failed us on any of our road trips. With just our hats, gloves and jackets we thought we would be prepared for the chilly Austrian
  • ‘We must all hang together;' but be safe - our country needs you

    This Tuesday marks the 230th anniversary of our country's declaration of independence from Great Britain. It's a day marked by parades, barbecues and other outdoor events as we celebrate the birth of our country and honor the courage of the early revolutionaries who signed the Declaration. When they put quill to parchment, victory was far from
  • Are your boots polished?

    A few years ago I read a book about Gen. George S. Patton that covered his career and leadership style. In the book, General Patton was quoted as saying “If you can’t get them to salute when they should salute and wear the clothes you tell them to wear, how you are going to get them to die for their country?” Those words still resonate and are
  • One Team, One Focus: Mission Readiness

    Men and women of the United States Air Forces Europe, I believe you are the absolute best of the best. For one, you answered the call to serve something bigger than yourself and I am proud to stand beside you in the defense of free people everywhere. I am especially proud because we live the idea of “Three”. We are an Air Force of Three. We are
  • Irresponsible Drinking: Bad for your health, wallet, career

    Everyone knows drinking alcohol can affect your health, wallet and career. So why do some continue to drink irresponsibly? While having the occasional cocktail isn’t the end of the world, trained professionals say it isn’t exactly a good thing. “Although most people think that it takes being a very heavy drinker to have negative effects on health,
  • Smart Ops 21 enables troops to accomplish the right things

    You’re going to start hearing a lot about Smart Ops 21. I want to put it in real terms for each of you. It’s not about doing more with less. It’s about doing more and less; more of the right things and less of what keeps us from them. We’re already dealing with the realities of a constrained budget and less than 100 percent manning. It’s about