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  • Beware: Perception is reality

    Have you ever been at a bar, club or party and scratched your head thinking, "I thought that was her boss," "What is the Air Force coming to?" and "What has happened to the policy on professional and unprofessional relationships?" Nothing has happened to the policy -- as a matter of fact, Air Force Instruction 36-2909, Professional and
  • Four golden rules of leadership

    Ask any leader and I'm sure they have a leadership book or philosophy that's impacted who they are as a leader. I've read a lot of different ones throughout my career, but while there are many principles or "rules" I think help make an effective leader, these four are some of the most common and most important. They are gleaned from a book entitled
  • Training - It really can save a life

    Does this sound familiar -- "You have training next week" or "You're deploying; you need to get those computer based trainings done," and you're thinking "not again" or "why am I doing this?" We've all been there and we've all griped at least once, but there is a reason for training. Training helps us to grow both professionally and personally.
  • Interdependence an integral part of mission

    Last week, Americans across the globe celebrated the 233rd anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The 39th Force Support Squadron put together a full day of activities that ended with a great fireworks show for all to enjoy. They deserve our thanks and kudos. But I'm not here to discuss independence; rather, I am going to
  • Sexual assault: Prevention is key

    It's often been heard, "Air Force training in sexual assault prevention is overdone." We get it. However, if sexual assault prevention training is taught too much, why do we still have to respond to sexual assaults? Is it because we must continually try to change assaulters? The fact is everyone has the ability to avoid the mistake of assaulting
  • Speak up, make your healthcare safer

    Know your healthcare. You and your family members are key to making your health care safe by being an active, involved and informed member of your health care team. Research shows patients who take part in decisions about their own health care are likely to get better faster. To help prevent health care mistakes, speak up. Speak up if you have
  • A change agent's philosophy

    Chris Difford and Glen Tilbrook, Contemporary British philosophers, told us 30 years ago, "You have to throw the stone to get the pool to ripple." This simple line provides a useful metaphor on how to approach change within organizations. The foundation of the metaphor is the pool; it is calm and many people like it that way. This could be the
  • Remembering why we serve

    In the summer of 2006 while assigned to the U.S. Air Force Academy, I met a young man who reinforced the reason why I serve. I was about to enter an elevator when he and his mother, an instructor at the academy, walked in preparing to ascend to the upper floors of the academic building. The mother introduced me to her son and I could already size
  • Every Airman a part of the fight – special thank you to 3rd Air Force Communicators

    Every Airman within 3rd Air Force plays a critical role in executing the Air Force's overall mission, taking the fight to the adversary. The individual contributions of each individual Airman is the determining factor between mission success or failure. As 3rd Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Philip Breedlove and I travel throughout the European
  • Visit highlights importance of Turkey, challenges ahead

    I traveled recently to Turkey to see Airmen at Incirlik Air Base and Izmir Air Station, and I came away impressed with not only the quality of the Airmen we have in service to our nation, but also the importance of the mission they're doing with one of our most important allies. Turkey is a strategic bridge between the European and Asian