Basic values!

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Dwayne McCullion
  • 39th Civil Engineer Squadron commander
Making a difference in today's world starts with you! It doesn't matter if you are an airman basic, general officer, retiree or family member. It starts from a simple desire to treat people the way you would like to be treated. It's as easy as actions like sharing, putting things back where you found them, saying you're sorry, picking up a piece of trash or holding the door open for someone. It is easy to get caught up in all of our daily activities and forget these little things. We all learned these basic rules in grade school, but sometimes we forget to apply these in our daily lives.

Your core values play a big role in how you conduct daily activities. These personal values are generally developed from different experiences you have had throughout life. Most of your values can be traced back to your parent's teachings. Other values have been influenced by friends, teachers, church or the neighborhood you grew up in. These values guide us in daily activities and help us determine the difference between right and wrong. Core values contribute greatly to your overall attitude and behavior. It is important to instill these values early in life and continue to reinforce them as we get older.

Because your values have a significant impact on your attitude, they affect the way you look at the world and how you interact with the people around you. Waking up with a good attitude is the most important part of your day. It will set your course and determine how you will handle difficult situations you face. Your attitude can also affect and influence the people around you. You know the old saying, "One bad apple can spoil the bunch." This is very true when it comes to attitude. Keeping a positive attitude will help you overcome most obstacles you face.

Your daily behavior and actions are other important aspects of your personality. Our society puts a fancy title on this like "Integrity," but it's as simple as doing the right thing when nobody is looking. If you are seen working hard and giving your all in everything you do, others will notice and want to emulate your actions. A great example of this was observed while President Ronald Regan was hospitalized from the assassination attempt on his life. Hospital staff spotted him getting out of bed and wiping up spilled water from the floor because he didn't want his nurse to get in trouble. It's this type of behavior that instills confidence and respect in your abilities.

In closing, your values, attitude and behavior will empower you to make a difference each and every day. Start each day with a good attitude and the desire to make those little impacts in the lives around you. Don't forget all the little things you learned in kindergarten. Strive to be that person that says I'm sorry, do your best and always look for an opportunity to help others. Others will follow your lead!