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  • Memorial Day -- More than just a day off from work

    Memorial Day is a young holiday, peculiarly observed. If you have not served on a detail, volunteered for Honor Guard, or flown a missing man formation over a military ceremony on Memorial Day, you may primarily associate this holiday with the running the Indianapolis 500, the beginning of our 101 Critical Days of Summer, or just a glorious
  • Transforming 'inspection preparation'

    Throughout the course of my career, I've always been fascinated by the term, "inspection prep." This rather vague term has many different meanings for different people. With recent changes in our Air Force inspection system, it's clear the term "inspection prep" has and will continue to dramatically change and I believe we must take a different
  • Telling your story is important

    When I was deployed to Iraq my mother said, "We have Air Force people in Iraq? What does the Air Force do there?" My mother is probably like a lot of other people out there. She's educated, watches the usual news networks every day and reads the newspapers. How can they not know about the most advanced, capable and superior air force on the planet?
  • Information discipline requires vigilance

    "Even minutiae should have a place in our collection, for things of a seemingly trifling nature, when enjoined with others of a more serious cast, may lead to valuable conclusion." When Gen. George Washington first spoke those words, his intentions were to impress upon his soldiers that the protection of information was vital to a successful
  • Assistance fund calmed family's storm

    I don't know what I hate more: asking to borrow money, or being in a situation where I have to. In instances where I've had to borrow, it's always been the last resort. I do my best to save for things I want and put aside for emergencies, but I found out the hard way what so many people already told me - bad things happen when you least expect
  • Saluting: A courteous exchange of greetings

    Being the proud mother I am, I tell everyone my son is a second lieutenant. Usually, officers respond with, "What's that like having to salute your son?" and enlisted members ask, "Chief, do you HAVE to salute your son?" Hmmm, since the salute is steeped in military customs and courtesy, and is probably the most widely known courtesy of all, what's
  • Unauthorized software a threat to network security

    Software exploits take advantage of bugs or vulnerabilities in software and use them to cause unintended behavior on computer systems.Most exploits are used to gain control of a system or to attack it using a denial of service. Vulnerabilities and bugs arise due to the human factors' element in software programming. Oversights are bound to happen
  • Air Force pioneer gone, but not forgotten

    The Air Force suffered a monumental loss March 11 when Paul W. Airey, first Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, passed away. I think it appropriate to share with you my thoughts on this great American and Airman. I will greatly miss my mentor, CMSAF Airey. From the day I first met him in 2002, I knew I would never meet a finer example of an
  • Don't take the bait!

    If you received an email that told you, they will take all your money if you click on their web link, would you do it. Of course not!So why do so many people get their identification stolen and lose all their savings? One way is through "phishing," a variation on "fishing." The idea being that bait is thrown out with the hopes that some will be
  • Protecting the Network

    In this day and age, war readiness is at the forefront of everything we do as members of the armed forces. We stay mentally and physically prepared through training that enhances our skill as war fighters in the event that we will be called to deploy and serve in austere locations. We check our equipment over and over so that we know it will serve