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  • Investing in Ramstein’s Airmen; UTMs lay foundation for excellence

    UTMs are the Airmen responsible for managing the training program of their unit.
  • Americans, Germans pair up to rock out

    A brightness shines in their eyes as a dull roar rises from the silhouettes in front; six clicks signal to the shadows, they respond in jubilant rapture as a musical explosion courses across the darkness.For a Team Ramstein member, his wingmanship extends far beyond the reaches of the work center and into the realm of rock-and-roll.During a concert
  • Charlie: An unlikely legend

    Night has fallen as an elite team of combat search and rescue operatives darts silently through the shadows. The point man spots a suspicious vehicle ahead and motions to his fellow Airmen, who quickly disperse into position to neutralize potential threats. After extensive research, planning and training, the window of opportunity is open for a bold attempt to recover a well-known figure within the U.S. Air Force pararescue community.
  • From “Troubled Airman” to highest enlisted tier: A chief’s journey through mentorship

    Wright, who is slated to become the 18th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, visited Airmen to discuss with them the importance of having a mentor, and the impact a mentor can have on an Airman’s career.
  • 86th OSS sticks the landing

    Ensuring a safe flight in bad weather can be challenging, but having a reliable Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems team can make sticking the landing much smoother.
  • Incirlik NCO competes in Ms. Veteran America 2016

    An Incirlik NCO who volunteered her time to bring out the beauty in homeless women, was recognized for her efforts in a competition for female veterans.Tech. Sgt. Antonia Williams, 39th Air Base Wing Equal Opportunity counselor, could have never fathomed she would be chosen as one of six U.S. Air Force representatives in the Ms. Veteran America
  • 1st CBCS keeps Ramstein connected

    Nomophobia is the proposed name for a new fear that has surfaced in the digital age - the fear of being without a cellphone or any other means of communication. For many, this level of communication isn’t necessary, but it is vital when it comes to deployed situations. The 1st Combat Communications Squadron participated in an exercise called Healthy Thunder from Oct. 24 to Nov. 4 that prepared its Airmen for setting up, maintaining and defending communications while in a deployed location.
  • Ramstein community builds bonds with EOD ruck and run

    EOD Airmen conduct ruck marches on the last Friday of every month as one of the ways to keep themselves ready for their mission.
  • Airpower and Portuguese partnership

    Wheels go up as aircraft emerge into the blue sky over the choppy, Atlantic abyss. Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal, is a critical piece of the 86th Airlift Wing mission to provide airlift capabilities around the globe.“There are only a few islands that actually exist in the middle of the Atlantic,” said Col. Dan Furleigh, 65th Air Base Group
  • 86th MUNS Airmen help keep Air Force in the fight

    Munitions Airmen are responsible for inspecting the munitions to ensure their serviceability, sorting the munitions according their type and shipping them to their appropriate destinations.