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  • The beaten path: An Airman’s 381-mile walk for refuge

    Staff Sgt. Martha Otto is one of millions of Sudanese refugees who fled their homes due to unrest caused by Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The LRA made news for and still targets civilians to draft child soldiers while raping, killing, and looting villages. The Ramstein Airman shares her perilous journey of courage, ambition and perseverance which has paved her way to become part of our U.S. Air Force, today.
  • Overcoming the shadow of death: an Airman’s fight against depression

    Sook encouraged Airmen to look for a cause, and do what it takes to survive so they can continue to fight for it.
  • USAFE couple who inspire ‘hang their hats’ to retire

    Among peals of laughter and more than a few tears, friends and coworkers bade farewell to not one but two U.S. Air Forces in Europe employees, who combined totaled more than 80 years of dedicated service. John and Colynn Hamilton, a husband and wife duo working in USAFE as a management analyst and human resources specialist respectively, celebrated the end of their long careers in a dual retirement ceremony Feb. 24.
  • 521st AMOW Airmen enable Global Reach

    RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany — The United States’ ability to project air power and humanitarian relief throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa is made possible by the 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing here.On any given day, U.S. warfighting forces arrive and depart various hot spots within Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Lifesaving relief
  • Flying through the years: 37th AS celebrates 75 years

    As the squadron marks a significant milestone in its history, the Airmen of the 37th AS look forward to continuing their heritage by making history—every single day.
  • Investing in Ramstein’s Airmen; UTMs lay foundation for excellence

    UTMs are the Airmen responsible for managing the training program of their unit.
  • Americans, Germans pair up to rock out

    A brightness shines in their eyes as a dull roar rises from the silhouettes in front; six clicks signal to the shadows, they respond in jubilant rapture as a musical explosion courses across the darkness.For a Team Ramstein member, his wingmanship extends far beyond the reaches of the work center and into the realm of rock-and-roll.During a concert
  • Charlie: An unlikely legend

    Night has fallen as an elite team of combat search and rescue operatives darts silently through the shadows. The point man spots a suspicious vehicle ahead and motions to his fellow Airmen, who quickly disperse into position to neutralize potential threats. After extensive research, planning and training, the window of opportunity is open for a bold attempt to recover a well-known figure within the U.S. Air Force pararescue community.
  • From “Troubled Airman” to highest enlisted tier: A chief’s journey through mentorship

    Wright, who is slated to become the 18th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, visited Airmen to discuss with them the importance of having a mentor, and the impact a mentor can have on an Airman’s career.
  • 86th OSS sticks the landing

    Ensuring a safe flight in bad weather can be challenging, but having a reliable Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems team can make sticking the landing much smoother.