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  • A view from the top

    Airmen across the 86th Airlift Wing at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, will now have the opportunity to experience life from the highest tier of the Wing's enlisted force.Implemented by Command Chief Philip L. Easton, the Chief for a Day "shadow" program allows an Airman to shadow his position as senior enlisted advisor to wing leadership and the
  • Mighty shadow over the fjords: a B-52's cold response

    Flying more than seven miles above the earth in a grey-painted behemoth that rolled off the assembly line in 1961 is an experience unlike any other. With a crew of six, 20th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron B-52 Stratofortress tail number 61-022 cruised through the skies of Europe for the better part of a day, March 1, engaging in an impressive show of
  • TSC supply sergeant aims high, achieves milestone

    A supply sergeant with the 21st Theater Sustainment Command's support operations section aimed high and flew toward uncharted skies, becoming the first Soldier to attend the U.S. Air Force's Kisling Noncommissioned Officer Academy in 40 years.Staff Sgt. Harvey Chadwick, who serves as a platoon sergeant for TSC headquarters as well as a supply NCO
  • Chièvres; separated but self-sufficient

    Standing at the end of the short runway, only chickens can be heard clucking from a family farm just a stone's throw away.The morning air is dull and misty, but not as foggy as yesterday, so if you squint your eyes just right you can see clear across the small military base. Today's mission has been canceled and there's a charming calm to the base,
  • Ramstein highlights women's history month

    To help highlight Women's History Month, the 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs recently met with several inspirational women around the Kaiserslautern Military Community to ask them a few questions about what the month means to them. Staff Sgt. Joy Martz, 603rd Air and Space Operations Center Air Mobility Division NCO in charge of training, filled
  • Behind the medal: How four Airmen saved 90 lives

    The sun was just beginning to glow across the dark skies of Mali in late May 2014. As the western African nation came to life, Airmen from the 37th Airlift Squadron were double checking secured cargo and pressurized oxygen tanks, preparing for takeoff in a C-130J Super Hercules.Master Sgt. Boris Brink, 37th AS operations superintendent, was a
  • From mud to sun, weather covers all

    Snow plows are prepared to clear an airfield, a base is issued a delayed reporting notification, and the running portion of a physical fitness assessment is moved inside.While these events may seem unrelated, they all have one thing in common: a weather forecast played a part in the decision.Weather is something many people may not consciously
  • ASOS Airmen: strike with fury

     He tries to ignore the silent trickle of rain falling down his face and focuses on the rapid bursts of gun fire in the distance; he and his Airmen will be found soon.However, that concentration is short lived as a deafening gust of wind erupts from above and the command "get him to the helicopter," is yelled by his team.Unable to move due to his
  • Strengthen your resolve, body

    With each new year, the story repeats itself. The new arrivals come in droves looking for a spot to throw their weight around. While there is likely one or two that will flex some muscle and make a lasting ripple, the more seasoned members suspect the majority will not last more than a few months.Almost like clockwork, the newbies fall off as they
  • Innovation keeps 86th AW moving forward

    The Air Force is "powered by Airmen, fueled by innovation." To keep innovation alive and thriving here at Ramstein, the 86th Airlift Wing Continuous Process Improvement office has taken up the responsibility of fostering a culture of improvement across the wing.Though innovation is not a new concept, its relevance in workplaces is becoming more