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  • The Captain is an idiot

    Imagine you are part of a crew on a classic sailing ship.You are navigating rough seas, violent storms, and trying your best to stay afloat and reach your next port. Your crew works below deck.There are no windows below deck. The little light produced by the old copper oil lamp only adds to the misery of how bleak your conditions are. You can see
  • Readiness from a spouse's perspective

    As a key spouse within the 65th Logistics Readiness Squadron, I experience every day what it means to be part of a leading team in this always changing world of an Air Force spouse. Air Force spouses have a vocabulary of acronyms only few people understand--PCS, TDY, OHA, COLA and ORI--just to name a few. Mission readiness might be a foreign
  • A Salute To veterans

    Throughout history America and our allies have fought, not for land or conquest, but for principles of liberty, equality and human dignity. Our freedom has been bought with a price, and we stand on the shoulders of giants -- our veterans. Today our country and its allies depend on the commitment of our serving veterans. As we honor all veterans
  • How Air Force Physical Fitness program's evolution changed an Airman

    As the old adage goes, it seems like just yesterday I was a young Airman arriving at my first duty station. It was 1995 and I had graduated Basic Military Training and a challenging security forces technical school--back then it was called Security Police-Long. After completing all of this training, I felt I was mentally and physically prepared to
  • Loads of fun -- literally

    When you leave your office for a week, whether you're gone for your job, vacation or something else, you typically expect work to pile up.Usually this means dozens of e-mails to answer, phone messages to reply to or meetings to attend -- usually it doesn't mean you come back to find stacks of paper or boxes piled on your desk.Unfortunately, when I
  • Constitution reigns overseas, in garrison

    Eleven years after our nation claimed its independence from Britain with signing of one of the greatest documents in the history of the United States, yet another significant document was forged -- the Constitution of the United States. Whereas the Declaration of Independence established our nation, the Constitution laid its foundation. The
  • Airmen and a changing Air Force

    "Wow, the Air Force sure has changed since I retired!" I hear this comment quite often as I run into the warriors who came before me and have since retired. Some discuss the ongoing wars while others focus on the force shaping they have seen. Benefits and entitlements are always a hot topic as well. Regardless of the discussion on the changes they
  • Wrong never makes right

    Two wrongs don't make a right. This is such a basic, logical and common-sense ethical principle, yet it's amazing how often the premise is debated in fields like business ethics. However, Airmen are members of the U.S. Air Force, an organization with professional warriors who uphold the highest ethical standards.Mahatma Gandhi once said, "An eye
  • Liberty Adventures: Discover Leeds Castle

    Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with castles and would daydream of seeing the places of the days of Henry VIII and other kings and queens I've studied in European history. Growing up in rural Southeast Missouri, however, you'll have about as much luck finding a castle as you would a 200-foot dragon. That's one of the great things
  • Women's Equality Day: Honoring historical triumphs

    Times change, and they change quickly. Less than 100 years ago, people could only imagine the successes of hard-charging woman pioneers in recent years, the social equality woman have since obtained or the dream of having equal voting rights regardless of gender achieved. The teasing and taunting can be plentiful: "Go make me a sandwich." "Where's