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  • PCS decorations must be earned

    Awarding of decorations when an individual permanently changes stations is not always a simple decision.The closing line on an Air Force commendation medal reads, "The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant or Airman X reflect credit upon him or herself and the United States Air Force."PCS decorations are awarded for one or more years of hard
  • Time to put on our dancing shoes - and change our EPR culture

    The second I pinned on staff sergeant I knew I could do it. I could be the NCO the Air Force wanted me to be. I could write fair enlisted performance reports and prove the naysayers in airman leadership school wrong. Sure, what we learned might "not be the way it's done in the real Air Force," but that didn't mean it couldn't be. I was going to
  • Service members stick together through a-'mazing' foreign market

    On a cultural-day trip to the Jaam el Fna market, Morocco's largest market square, I got to see monkeys. My luck didn't end there as the group of airmen and soldiers I traveled with for the 2012 Aeroexpo Marrakech were by my side at this market, and looked out for one another as we all veered toward shiny, colorful, new and entertaining things.To
  • It's What You Do Right Now That Makes a Difference

    Every day throughout their careers, Airmen are faced with making decisions related to multiple personal and professional issues. Sometimes these choices are simple; about coming to work on time, wearing the uniform appropriately, following proper work procedures, using alcohol responsibly, being honest in reports, reporting leave appropriately or
  • Common bonds transcend language barriers

    Language barriers present a unique challenge to communication efforts.I cannot speak Turkish, and the Turkish air force Airmen with whom I ate lunch March 9 only spoke English with difficulty.The Airmen are students in an English learning center and have been enrolled for about eight months. So, I spoke slowly and annunciated more clearly.My
  • What the FY13 Budget means to USAFE

    Since the first Gulf War, the U.S. has been engaged continuously in combat operations and U.S. Air Forces in Europe have played a critical role. Not only have we deployed thousands of our Airmen and assets, we have also served as an essential support platform enabling the long-term projection and sustainment of combat power throughout the U.S.
  • Nowhere to run: pay customs, courtesies

     I like running, especially outside. So, I decided to go on a run after work on a typical cold, dreary day here. I also forgot several items for this run like socks, but I was determined, so I bought new ones. While shopping, I spotted something that was not hard to miss -- an obnoxiously bright yellow reflective shirt. I also bought this shirt to
  • CSAF reading list: Combining TED, Hollywood and the written word

    Over the last few years, I've become incredibly aware of the vast amount of information scurrying across my desktop: frequent fleeting e-mails, vexing electronic staff summary sheets, appointment requests and copious article suggestions. There is one bit of information, though, that I'm looking forward to perusing -- this year especially. Get ready
  • MFLCs aid resiliency

    If you have been in the military for any length of time, you know that Mental Health and the Chapel are outlets for you to talk to. In my 15 years of military service I have heard countless supervisors, leadership, first sergeants and chiefs express their open door policy. Yet, who wants to walk into their boss' office to express frustration with
  • 86th VRS offers winter safety tips

    The recent dip in temperatures is a good indication that snow and ice is on its way.Some may not know the 86th Vehicle Readiness Squadron is charged with maintaining all of the installation's snow and deicing fleet -- a unique mission essential to ensuring the roads and runway on base are clear when the snow flies. The squadron also provides