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  • Sextortion: “It’s a trap!”

    Sexual extortion, often called “sextortion,” poses a significant threat to cyber surfers everywhere—even in the military.
  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day: SNCO couple reflects on experiences during COVID-19

    Military Spouse Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on May 8 to acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices spouses make for their loved ones in the Armed Forces. Military spouses are the “glue” that holds families together when their family member must report for duty at a moment’s notice.
  • #SheSupports: Mary McLean

    In the month of March, the world recognizes the contributions of women, remembering those who paved the way for future generations. The 501st Combat Support Wing is highlighting exemplary women who light the way for the Pathfinders around them. Mary McLean, 423rd Force Support Squadron deputy director, has been supporting RAF Alconbury and RAF Molesworth FSS members in any way she can. From digging bushes in the summer heat to unloading tables and chairs at events, McLean provides a variety of support so people can get their job done.
  • 52d MXS engine flight revs up morale, wins awards

    Anyone who visits the engine shop here may sense a positive atmosphere and strong work ethic.U.S. Air Force Airmen from the 52nd Maintenance Squadron Propulsion Flight have noteworthy high morale, which is a direct result of a family-oriented environment and strong leadership, enabling them to win awards.The flight is U.S. Air Forces in Europe’s
  • Chaplain answers the call to protect

    “I want people to know every relationship might have its difficulties, but this way of interacting with your partner is not normal and it’s not okay,” said Capt. Hans Decker, 501st Combat Support Wing chaplain, working at RAF Croughton, England.
  • 52d FW innovation team betters workflow, quality of life

    People have strived to make life just a little bit better since the beginning of mankind. These days, inconveniences are much smaller. For instance, a broken phone screen could jokingly be called a “first-world problem.”However, U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Matthew Connelly, 52nd Maintenance Squadron precision-guided munitions production supervisor,
  • Keep on truckin’: F-35 pilot requalifies to refuel aircraft

    Several F-35A Lightning II aircraft arrived here as part of a Theater Security Package. For one pilot, the Spangdahlem flightline was familiar territory.U.S. Air Force Maj. Michael Slotten, 421st Fighter Squadron F-35A pilot, who was stationed here in 2004 as an Airman first class fuels distributor operator, visited his old unit and became
  • RAF Croughton hears the story of a Holocaust Survivor

    Silence fell over the crowd as a petite lady stepped in front of the podium and addressed her audience.“It’s important to recognize evil when you see it, before it gets too tight a grip,” she said. “It’s very easy to fall into a trend. People are sometimes too timid, or too shy to say, 'I don't agree.' We’re all each other’s
  • Diamonds shine bright: 100th LRS first sergeant, Senior Master Sgt. Arwa Cavender

    (This feature is the fourth and final part of the four-part “Diamonds shine bright” series on www.mildenhall.af.mil. These stories focus on different first sergeants, highlighting their Air Force story) Walking down a lonely road, unsure of what’s to come on this day or in the future, a young woman who one day would become a mentor to those around, her tries to put a life together and find her path. Walking down the ‘road to nowhere,’ she conjured the thoughts of having nowhere else to go, no family, money or job, until she came across another young woman who wore this tightly-pressed black and gold attire with polished, golden buttons and radiating with confidence.
  • Diamonds shine bright: 752nd SOAMXS first sergeant, Master Sgt. Michael Granato

    The fast-paced action of the Joint Base Lewis-McCord flightline, like that of any other in the U.S. Air Force, is an area of constant movement. Airmen zoom around nonstop to provide critical maintenance and support to the jets entrusted in their care.