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  • 435th MUNS Airmen net different kind of fishing trip

    The second day of their fishing trip was unlike the first. Up to their chest in mud, Airmen from the 435th Munitions Squadron were still catching fish, albeit with bare hands in sucking mud, in an attempt to save hundreds of them from suffocating in the muck. "Time was of the essence, fish were going belly up as we were rescuing them," said Master
  • Letter from home filled with support and humor

    As ironic as this may be, public affairs people tend to get a little jaded when answering phone calls, letters and e-mails from the public. It is our job to work with the public, obviously; however, talking to citizens who think their phones are bugged by the FBI, have seen an F-18 land in the stratosphere, or are convinced that the government is
  • MOC watches over Ramsteins C-130 fleet

    "Attention all radios this net: this is Wing MOC ..." The Airmen of the 86th Maintenance Operations Squadron provide 24-hour monitoring and oversight - 365 days a year - of aircraft status, movements and emergencies for the wing commander. They are in constant coordination with the command post and the base operations personnel to ensure the daily
  • Wounded Warrior program delivers cookies

    Home-baked cookies are delivered to injured Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Coastguardsmen as they are aeromedically evacuated out of Ramstein. The program, called Wounded Warrior, is sponsored by spouse groups in the 86th Operations Group and occurs every Tuesday throughout the year. "I felt so honored to offer this service to those who
  • New Years traditions

    New Year's Eve is a special night to celebrate the arrival of the new year in almost all countries and by all cultures. There are different customs and traditions depending on the country. Some like it quiet to reflect on the old year and others like to party! In Germany, New Year's Eve is called "Silvester." The name refers to Pope Silvester I
  • Night driving safety tips

    While driving around the KMC, do you find it difficult to see the road ahead? Have you wondered why night blindness seems worse since you PCS'd to Germany? Do you find it difficult to navigate your way home in the morning or after work? If so, you are not alone as this affects drivers in the KMC area, including eye care professionals like myself.
  • Three generations of Hercules pilots

    In 1959, the first C-130 Hercules aircraft made its maiden flight. Retired Maj. David Morgan Jr. flew in the second C-130 off the production line. Years later, Major Morgan's son flew the same plane at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark. And 40 years later his grandson, Maj. David Morgan, 37th Airlift Squadron pilot, began flying C-130s. Major Morgan,
  • Chief spends time learning honor guard duties

    Some of you may have seen me participate in the honor guard posting colors during the quarterly awards luncheon a few days ago. I want you to know, it was not about me. I have had a desire to be able to train and honor our people by being able to perform, even if just in small ways, with our dedicated honor guard Airmen. I have been working to
  • Gondolier floats dream into reality

    When Craig Manley says he is going to do something, you better believe him. Five years ago, when the University of Maryland professor said he was going to build a gondola, most people did not think it could be done. But then, they did not really know Craig Manley. On Oct. 19, with the help of friends, family, volunteers, and some contracted drivers
  • SERE training: Doing what it takes to survive

    You're on a routine flying mission over the wash. You've done it a million times before, at least two or three a week. The difference this time is you'll be put to the test. The aircraft is going down; within seconds you have to draw on all your training. As you make an emergency jump out of your aircraft, all noise must be silenced and only one