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  • A DUI means ... Paying a much higher price than the cost of a cab

    Editor's note: This is the first in a four-part series of information and personal stories from those who have somehow been affected by drinking and driving. Drinking and driving affects lives. Not just the life - and possibly, career - of the person drinking and driving, but also the lives of their family and friends, as well as the lives of the
  • Military mother sends boxes of support

    Through the efforts of organizations connected with the Department of Defense's America Supports You, military members serving around the world are shown that Americans are behind their efforts in the Global War on Terror. One such organization has a connection that sits a little closer to home. When Master Sgt. Patrick VanVranken, was stationed at
  • Man, dog serving side by side

    The Air Force holds the largest inventory of working dogs in the military. These highly trained animals are the front-runners in the fight against narcotics, explosives and terrorism. Dogs have been used to help the Armed Forces since World War I, when they worked as messenger and mine dogs. They have seen both combat on the front line and loss in
  • 100 SFS, MOD protect RAF Mildenhall one vehicle at a time

    Security Forces are commonly recognized as the main part in force protection at the gates of RAF Mildenhall; however, Ministry of Defence personnel also ensure nothing gets on base that can put freedom's future at risk. On an average day, 240 vehicles pass through the inspection process at the search barn, said Civilian Security Officer 4 Ian
  • 'Five by 11' is no 'fisherman's tale'

    Eddie Kidd's motto is "Five by 11." "If I can catch five fish by 11 a.m., I know I'm probably going to win some money," said the fisherman, who's on his way to compete in the "Duel in the Delta" fishing competition - also known as the California Delta - March 22 to 25, in a freshwater area near San Francisco Bay, Calif. After that, he's hoping to
  • Aviano breast cancer survivor shares story

    Story of Senior Master Sgt. Michelle Sobel as told to Senior Airman Sarah Gregory Prior history - My grandmother was diagnosed and so was my aunt on my mother's side, so breast cancer was something that was prevalent in our family. In November of 1998, I had done a breast self-exam and noticed a change. After visiting the doctor, I was told exactly
  • Surgery staff modify equipment, repair lung

    The drive to get the job done is what the Air Force is all about and the 31st Medical Operations Squadron is no exception. Staff Sgt. Anthony Lenczowski, 603rd Air Control Squadron electrical power production craftsman, went to the Aviano military treatment facility in January for a check-up appointment after being released from the Pordenone
  • The bolars are going to war

    The 492nd Fighter Squadron recently deployed to Nellis AFB, Nevada for Red Flag 07-2. The Red Flag exercise began in 1975 to better train combat aircrew before sending them into combat. Since its inception, Red Flag has grown into what some consider the most intense and realistic combat training available worldwide. In order to better understand