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  • Airman's 425-mile journey across Germany

    Miles and miles of road stretch ahead of the handlebars, as one man makes his journey across Germany on a 425-mile bike ride from Ramstein to Berlin, Germany. Lt. Col. Jason Dudjak, U. S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa Expeditionary Operations Branch chief, will bike 60 to 100 miles each day for five consecutive days to reach his goal
  • USAF support key to Portuguese Air Force search and rescue ops

    The Azores, islands located in the mid-Atlantic Ocean, are a strategic operating location for the U.S. and Portuguese Air Forces. Portuguese Air Base 4, commonly known as Lajes Field, is home to the U.S. Air Force's second largest fuel store, employed by the 65th Air Base Wing. Thanks to strong, bilateral relations, and the base's massive fuel
  • Farewell to the chief

    She walks around the base with a poise and confidence that silently declares "she's in charge." As she addresses Airmen at commander's calls her voice carries out across the room, some have flashbacks of an earlier time in their career. But, beneath the intimidating persona of Chief Master Sgt. Nancy Judge, 39th Air Base Wing command chief, beats
  • International Four Days Marches: 4 days to ruck 100 miles

    Sweltering heat, direct sunlight, crowds, body aches and blisters.Eleven Sabers willingly chose to face these elements.They sought to battle them four days in a row for about 12 hours each day while marching with 20 pounds on their backs. The 11 members of the 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron did all this to represent a U.S. Air Force team in the
  • Maintenance pros backbone of AFN operations

    American Forces Network Europe is celebrating 70 years of providing command information, news and entertainment to Department of Defense personnel and their families throughout overseas locations.Seven decades of informing and entertaining Airmen would not be possible without some hard-working, behind-the-scenes, AFN personnel. At Lajes Field,
  • Keep pedaling

    The man was visibly nervous, but he lowered his helmet over his head, gave his wife a kiss, and pedaled off down the mountain trail he had nearly lost his life on just one year before. Staff Sgt. Alex Mace, a Parkersburg, W. Va. native stationed at Aviano Air Base, Italy, has overcome things in the past year that would have killed most people, and
  • You want me to dance? In public?

    It's that moment when you walk into a room, the music screeches to a stop and everyone turns around to stare.That's exactly how I felt the first time I walked into a dance hall crowded with Italians for a Debutante Ball rehearsal in Cordenons, Italy. Six Airmen and I were there to participate as "cavaliers" or knights in a tradition dating back to
  • Medal of Merit: Honoring lifetime achievement

    He provided thousands of meals for wounded warriors at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and the Combat Aeromedical Staging Facility here. He also ensured patients and staff members had plenty to eat on Super Bowl Sunday.Franco Ammirati served the men and women of U.S. Air Forces in Europe in several capacities for five decades. He waited tables,
  • 10 things to do in Edinburgh

    A city for everyone, Edinburgh is not only beautiful but has a mix of areas, many alive with activity, as well as peaceful parks and meadows - all in the heart of the city. Getting to this amazing city couldn't be easier. Take a plane in less than an hour from Stansted. Go by train from Ely, with fabulous views of the British countryside rushing by
  • Lajes Airmen adopting new inspection attitude

    In years previous, getting close to inspection season meant Airmen drastically ramping up before the inspector general's visit. However, Lajes Field Airmen are refocusing on inspections in general and are adopting a new inspection attitude ahead of the 65th Air Base Wing's September unit effectiveness inspection. Now, Airmen are maintaining their