Squadron of the Future: Creating more effective defenders

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Jennifer Zima
  • 501st Combat Support Wing Public Affairs

RAF Croughton is at the forefront of innovation, helping create the most effective defenders in the Air Force.

The 422nd Security Forces Squadron has been selected to undergo a six-month trial in a complete revitalization of their security forces squadron.

“Security forces senior leaders recognized the need to overhaul security forces squadrons,” said Senior Master Sgt. Nicholas Whitney, 422nd SFS superintendent of the Defense Force Sustainment Flight. “We needed to capitalize on utilization of our resources and support operational function. Basically, aligning the forces for optimal performance.”

Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein commissioned this idea under the Year of the Defender initiative in order to focus on training readiness, modernizing our force enterprise-wide and improving quality of life with an eight-hour shift. Squadron of the Future began at RAF Croughton on Sept. 1, 2019, concentrating on providing defenders with more training opportunities, protected time off, and reorganizing the unit structure into a leaner, more efficient system.

“The biggest takeaway for me is the decentralized command relationship for the master sergeants, the technical sergeants and the NCO tier and down,” said Capt. Alexander Parsons, 422nd SFS operations officer. “It is really empowering those in junior leadership levels to make decisions at the tactical level. Whereas in a traditional chain of command hierarchy, the decisions are elevated and made at a higher level. That is not the focus here. I want my Airmen and my NCOs to be empowered to make those decisions even at the lowest level possible. That frees up the senior leadership within the squadron to focus more on the strategic, operational, and longer-term objectives.”

For 18 years, Air Force security forces squadrons followed the Army doctrine of separating the squadron into sections S1 through S5: S1: Commander Support Staff, S2: Intelligence Flight, S3: Operations and Training Flight, S4: Logistics and Resources Flight, and S5: Installation Security, Plans and Programs. The new test program has removed these classifications and restructured the squadron to be more effective and streamline communication transitioning to a three-system operations flight, a sustainment flight and command support staff.

With the implementation of Squadron of the Future, the biggest quality-of-life improvement is that off-duty time is secured.

“We have started this back in September, and we have not once brought anyone in from protected time off,” said Whitney. “When the flight is on their protected time off, no one in the unit is allowed to bring someone in unless the commander approves it. It is equivalent to crew rest.”

Defenders at RAF Croughton also increased their monthly training days from four to six. Likewise, trainers work alongside defenders to assist in training needs.

“Previously when we had to go to training, people generally drag their feet,” said Tech. Sgt. Corey Southard, 422nd SFS NCOIC of training. “Now you have a trainer embedded amongst your flight. People are more receptive to it. They have someone with them who’s their trainer. It’s two fold – the quicker they train you the quicker you get out or go off to bigger and better things.”

The Squadron of the Future concept is being tested at 14 different security forces squadrons across the Air Force, at least one in each MAJCOM. Monthly conference calls with senior leaders bring Airmen together to talk about the progress and give feedback.

 “Our senior leaders at the headquarters level are really taking care of the defenders out on the ground,” said Whitney. “In 18 years this is a whole new change, but it’s a change for the right reason. It is making us a more lethal career field by giving us more time to do training. That’s a lot of time not only to take care of our annual training plan requirements, but it also allows us to focus on the things that may be specific to RAF Croughton. It's making us more lethal defenders, because you never know when the next threat’s going to come.”

RAF Croughton is the only test base in U.S. Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa.