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  • Abandoned dog adopted into loving home

    It’s a familiar, yet sad story. A family is getting ready for a permanent change of station but can’t take their pet with them. But instead of trying to find a new home for this pet, they choose to abandon it and leave the animal to fend for itself.In Italy, about 150,000 dogs and 200,000 cats are

  • Chapel hosts multi-cultural 'lighting' ceremony

    The Incirlik chapel staff hosted a multi-faith “lighting” ceremony Nov. 25 at the chapel at 6:30 p.m. as part of the Air Force Chief of Staff’s religious tolerance initiative.The ceremony allowed three different religious groups -- Jewish, Christian and Earth-Based -- to perform various “light”

  • Combat holiday blues with wingman concept

    Being stationed overseas often means being separated from family members; this, combined with holiday stress, can lead to what is known as the holiday blues.“The holiday blues refers to feeling sad when we should be feeling joy, happiness and a sense of peace,” explained Chap. (Maj.) Shon Neyland.

  • Spangdahlem pilot rescues charter plane over Germany

    Familiar to most laymen by way of television and movies, ‘Mayday’ is the radio call signal that, when real, can make a pilot’s mouth go dry and his stomach cramp.So it went for civilian charter pilot Naim Fazlija, who on Nov. 15 had to make such a call to German radar controllers while flying a

  • American-German support agreement signed at Ramstein

    German and U.S. Air Forces in Europe leaders met here Dec. 1 to sign an agreement that continues the support arrangement between the two nations on Ramstein.The small gathering was officiated by German air force Lt. Gen. Horst Martin, Commander, Allied Component Command - Air Headquarters Ramstein,

  • Algerian air force visits Ramstein

    Members of the Algerian air force visited the 86th Maintenance Group Nov. 7 to 11 to familiarize themselves with different issues related to maintenance and repair of C-130 aircraft and equipment. They toured the 86th Maintenance Operations Squadron, the 86th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron and the

  • Mildenhall mourns loss of master sergeant

    Master Sgt. Bernard Huggins was what people in the Air Force call a “fast burner.” In the military for 14 years, Sergeant Huggins, a flightline expeditor with the 100th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, was promoted this past July -- fairly early at age 33.A native of Manning, S.C., Sergeant Huggins

  • Succeeding in the combat zone

    Imagine you have just received your deployment tasking for the next AEF rotation…Baghdad, Balad or Kabul. You wonder, what job will I do? What will the environment be like? Will I succeed in a high stress combat zone? I was recently faced with these same questions as I prepared for a four-month

  • USAFE Idol finalists to perform at Ramstein

    The eight finalists for the first U.S. Air Forces in Europe Idol Talent Contest have been named and will perform at the USAFE-level show April 23 at 7 p.m. at the Ramstein Officers’ Club. Community members are invited to the final showdown, which is free and open to all I.D. cardholders, family

  • Code Silver trains for worst-case scenarios

    The 100th Air Refueling Wing participated with the 48th Fighter Wing and several British agencies in a weapons of mass destruction table-top exercise with a medical focus at Royal Air Force Lakenheath March 21 to 23. Code Silver is an Air Force-level exercise that tests the base-level response to