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  • Top seven mistakes made on a travel voucher

    Filing a travel voucher electronically with TM-FAST offers quick payment for temporary duty; however, there are seven common mistakes servicemembers and civilians make that can slow the system down and lead to delays in processing travel voucher payments. And just one simple mistake can lead to a

  • New TA process user friendly

    With a click of a mouse, Air Force members can now log on the Air Force Virtual Education Center via the Air Force Portal at and apply for tuition assistance.Since October, only AF officers were required to use this online method and its use was optional for enlisted. However;

  • EUCOM, components prepare for potential pandemic flu

    Officials are meeting in Stuttgart this week to plan for how best to deal with a potential outbreak of avian influenza that could mutate into a pandemic flu.Conference attendees, including subject matter experts from throughout the region, are creating a comprehensive plan in coordination with U.S.

  • USAFE celebrates 64 years of service

    U.S. Air Forces in Europe -- the Air Force’s oldest active major command -- celebrates its 64th anniversary this month.It is a command that has helped shape world events since its inception during World War II. Its legacy continued through the Cold War, conflicts in Southeast Asia, and remains

  • USAFE libraries add online audio books to internet

    USAFE libraries are adding online audio books for all ages to their collection.TumbleTalkingBooks are audio books that can be accessed online. The collection includes both fiction and non-fiction including current popular titles and classics for adults, teens and children.Listen to them at home or

  • Listen, learn and lead: COMUSAFE takes the reins

    He is here to lead U.S. Air Forces in Europe, but brings a leadership style keen on listening and learning from Airmen in his command. And after a month on the job, Gen. Tom Hobbins likes what he hears and is confident the command is heading in the right direction.“When you look at the

  • USAFE Idol Talent Contest dates announced

    Dates, locations and prize packages for the 2006 USAFE Idol Talent Contest have been announced by U.S. Air Forces in Europe Services.The base-level competitions will take place between 18 Feb - 8 Apr 06 at the following locations:Feb. 18 – Incirlik AB, TurkeyFeb. 25 – Aviano AB, ItalyMarch 4 –

  • COMUSAFE visits downrange

    Maybe it was Uncle Joe or Aunt Grace. Maybe it was just Dad’s old Air Force buddy or Mom’s best girlfriend from across state. Everybody seems to have somebody who whizzes into their lives much too infrequently, makes them laugh, has them talking about anything in a matter of seconds, leaves too soon