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  • Listen, learn and lead: COMUSAFE takes the reins

    He is here to lead U.S. Air Forces in Europe, but brings a leadership style keen on listening and learning from Airmen in his command. And after a month on the job, Gen. Tom Hobbins likes what he hears and is confident the command is heading in the right direction.“When you look at the accomplishments of what our folks are doing, to include those
  • USAFE Idol Talent Contest dates announced

    Dates, locations and prize packages for the 2006 USAFE Idol Talent Contest have been announced by U.S. Air Forces in Europe Services.The base-level competitions will take place between 18 Feb - 8 Apr 06 at the following locations:Feb. 18 – Incirlik AB, TurkeyFeb. 25 – Aviano AB, ItalyMarch 4 – Spangdahlem AB, GermanyMarch 10 – Ramstein AB,
  • COMUSAFE visits downrange

    Maybe it was Uncle Joe or Aunt Grace. Maybe it was just Dad’s old Air Force buddy or Mom’s best girlfriend from across state. Everybody seems to have somebody who whizzes into their lives much too infrequently, makes them laugh, has them talking about anything in a matter of seconds, leaves too soon and always leaves them with great memories to
  • SECAF describes Air Force's future direction

    The secretary of the Air Force said the service is headed towards more integrated operations during a holiday visit here.Secretary of the Air Force Michael W. Wynne, returning from trips downrange and to Air Force bases in Germany, expressed the importance of force integration, new weapons platforms and Air Force people.“We used to talk about the
  • SECAF visits USAFE, praises Airmen

    The secretary of the Air Force praised the people and programs of U.S. Air Forces in Europe during a recent visit here.Following a three-day tour of Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and Ramstein and Spangdahlem Air Bases -- all in Germany -- Secretary of the Air Force Michael W. Wynne called USAFE a “best practice institution.”One program singled
  • USAFE announces 2005 Annual Airfield Operations Award winner

    U.S. Air Forces in Europe recently announced the winners of the 2005 Annual Airfield Operations Award.The winners are:Airfield Operations Complex of the Year: 52nd Operations Support Squadron, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany.Col. Derrel L. Dempsey Air Traffic Control Officer of the Year: Capt Jefferson R. DeBerry, Spangdahlem.D. Ray Hardin Air
  • Excitement builds as construction of KMCC continues

    As the New Year begins, work feverishly continues on construction of the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center.Located across from the Ramstein Passenger Terminal, the KMCC will offer unique foods and services for those living in and traveling through the KMC.“The KMCC is designed to be a one-stop shopping center for travelers and those
  • The colorful world of Carnevale

    With its old crumbling buildings and misty piazzas, Venice is the perfect setting for the colorful and mysterious costumes of Carnevale.Almost everyone has heard of Carnevale, a spectacular festival where people let loose one last time before the restrictions of Lent. Held in Venice for the two weeks prior to Ash Wednesday, Carnevale is a time of
  • Tuskegee Airman speaks to Aviano Airmen

    African American pioneer, WWII fighter ace, successful venture capitalist -- Retired Lt. Col. Lee “Buddy” Archer, Jr., has packed a lot into his 85 years.As an official Air Force speaker, he traveled to Aviano last week to attend several African American History Month events.As the guest of honor at a breakfast Feb. 17 in the La Bella Vista Club,