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  • Productive personnel count their blessings

    When my oldest daughter was working her way through college as a telemarketer, she told me one day how much she hated calling strangers to solicit. When I asked her why she just didn’t quit and get another job, she said, “People go to work every day to jobs they hate because they have to.” That comment hit me as a profound truth and reminded me how
  • Rewarding individual excellence ensures focus on team goals

    We all know excellence is an important Air Force core value that we are each challenged to apply daily in our actions, our attitudes and in our planning and decision making. All Airmen have a responsibility to encourage, recognize and deliver individual excellence. Rewarding excellence encourages it, and there are many ways to reward it. When
  • Leaders who show zest for life help mold positive outlook

    Recently, I read an article that rated attitude as the No. 1 trait for success among leaders. I’ve observed that the vast majority of leaders and mentors I’ve known throughout my life, who have helped mold and shape me into the person I am today, radiated a positive attitude. Each of them may have defined and exemplified success in their lives
  • USAFE names PA achievement award winners

    U.S. Air Forces in Europe recently announced the winners of the command’s 2004 Public Affairs achievement awards. The Director’s Excellence awards are presented annually to organizations judged to have the best overall public affairs programs in support of the Air Force mission. The USAFE Director’s Excellence award winners are: Best Large Wing –
  • USAFE announces 2004 medical service awards

    U.S. Air Forces in Europe recently announced the 2004 USAFE-level Medical Service Awards. The winners are: Health Service Management Airman of the Year: Senior Airman Roxanne Vallesteros, 435th Medical Group, Ramstein Air Base, Germany Health Service Management Noncommissioned Officer of the Year: Tech. Sgt. Brian Santos, 435th MDG, Ramstein AB
  • USAFE announces 2004 safety awards

    U.S. Air Forces in Europe recently announced the 2004 USAFE Safety Awards. The winners are: Outstanding Unit Safety Award, Cat I: 52nd Fighter Wing, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany Outstanding Unit Safety Award, Cat II: 86th Air Wing, Ramstein Air Base, Germany Flight Safety Officer of the Year: Capt. Joey Dible, 86th AW, Ramstein AB Flight Safety
  • Following fire safety rules can save your life, help responders

    Fire is one of mankind’s greatest friends. Fire keeps us warm, cooks our food and provides us light. In the past, it kept predators at bay and forged our weapons, tools and transportation. Fire allowed us to find our loved ones wandering in the woods, and it still burns in memory of those we have lost. Unfortunately, it is also one of our greatest
  • USAFE names manpower and organization award winners

    U.S. Air Forces in Europe recently announced the winners of the command's 2004 Manpower and Organization Awards for Professional Excellence. These individuals and teams are recognized for outstanding contributions in transforming the command organizationally and resolving significant manpower funding issues. The installation-level award winners
  • Silver Flag: Airmen 'deploy,' establish bare base

    Through rain, sleet, snow and sunshine — all four often within 10 minutes of each other — 24 Mildenhall Airmen joined other U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air National Guard members in turning a barren plain of dirt into a base suitable for working, sleeping, eating and bathing. The training for setting up a bare base, an element of the Air Force’s
  • The love of the game

    He is quiet and cool tempered at home, at work and with the boys he teaches hockey to. His opponents would never know this tempered demeanor by his skill and aggressiveness on the ice. Bobby Shearer, 48th Munitions Squadron, coaches, referees and plays in various local Anglo-American hockey leagues. He is not alone. There are about 25