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Default Air Force Logo Transforming sexual assault prevention in the Air Force
Air Force leadership takes sexual assault prevention very seriously and continuously works towards creating a culture where sexual assaults are eliminated. To that end, senior Air Force leaders recently participated in a Sexual Assault Prevention Summit at Andrews AFB, Maryland in the continuing effort to improve the process how the Air Force deals
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Default Air Force Logo Managing risks of an every-day AF life
Is Risk Management (RM) simply a required checklist to complete before performing your duties -something to cover the basics? What about RM and your off-duty activities? The fact that the Air Force loses more Airmen to off-duty mishaps compared to on duty warrants a look at what we do every day that puts us at risk.As the dreary winter weather
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Default Air Force Logo Showing skin: 7 ways to reduce risk of sun damage
Summertime is here! We will soon enjoy time at the beach, swimming pools, bike rides and more time doing outdoor activities all because of precious sunlight. The sun provides us with the benefits of Vitamin D production, warmth and a good mood. While we enjoy the wonderful solar benefits, it is important to use proven methods to reduce the risk of
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Default Air Force Logo Finding your way down a winding Air Force road
There are many things in life we can't change, the ones who we grow close to, the ones who bring meaning to what we do, the people who change us -- our true friends.Many times throughout the course of my 14-year Air Force career I have felt I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I think I was mistaken by that. I think in fact I was in the
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Default Air Force Logo Memorial Day marks beginning of Critical Days of Summer
Memorial Day is a day to remember our fellow Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us and an opportunity to spend time with family and friends.Take this time to honor those who gave their lives to defend our freedoms and those that continue to do so today. Whether you observe this Memorial Day visiting cemeteries and memorial events or
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Default Air Force Logo Are you in the fight?
You are probably well aware of the 10,800 x 300 foot runway, the 55 million gallon fuel storage capacity, and the high frequency communications facilities at Lajes Field. As I write this, you may even be watching the arrival of the largest number of fighters to transit Lajes Field at one time in several years. But, from a small island in the middle
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Default Air Force Logo PCS decorations must be earned
Awarding of decorations when an individual permanently changes stations is not always a simple decision.The closing line on an Air Force commendation medal reads, "The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant or Airman X reflect credit upon him or herself and the United States Air Force."PCS decorations are awarded for one or more years of hard
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Default Air Force Logo Time to put on our dancing shoes - and change our EPR culture
The second I pinned on staff sergeant I knew I could do it. I could be the NCO the Air Force wanted me to be. I could write fair enlisted performance reports and prove the naysayers in airman leadership school wrong. Sure, what we learned might "not be the way it's done in the real Air Force," but that didn't mean it couldn't be. I was going to
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MARRAKECH, Morrocco—Sgt. Abigail Waldrop, U.S. Air Forces Africa American Forces Network, looks at decorative mirrors at the Jemaa el Fna market April 2, 2012. Waldrop visited the market with a group of service members as part of a culture exploration day before supporting the 2012 Marrakech Aeroexpo. U.S. Air Forces Africa is participating in the third biennial Aeroexpo Marrakech to strengthen the partnerships with the nations involved and show commitment to security and stability in the region. (U.S. Air Force photo/ Senior Airman Natasha Stannard) Service members stick together through a-'mazing' foreign market
On a cultural-day trip to the Jaam el Fna market, Morocco's largest market square, I got to see monkeys. My luck didn't end there as the group of airmen and soldiers I traveled with for the 2012 Aeroexpo Marrakech were by my side at this market, and looked out for one another as we all veered toward shiny, colorful, new and entertaining things.To
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Default Air Force Logo It's What You Do Right Now That Makes a Difference
Every day throughout their careers, Airmen are faced with making decisions related to multiple personal and professional issues. Sometimes these choices are simple; about coming to work on time, wearing the uniform appropriately, following proper work procedures, using alcohol responsibly, being honest in reports, reporting leave appropriately or
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