The 435th AEW/AGOW Commander's Action Line

The Commander's Action Line is a forum for the 435th Air Expeditionary Wing and 435th Air Ground Operations Wing community to make suggestions or voice concerns directly to the commander, Col. Bryan T. Callahan.

If you have a concern, use discretion. Decide whether or not the problem could be solved by using the chain of command. If the chain of command doesn't seem like the best route or doesn't produce results, please submit an action line and the commander will work the issue.

Please ensure that all messages do not contain FOUO and PII.

How to Submit a Commander's Action Line Message

1. Travel to the Contact Us section of the site.

2. Select “435th AEW/AGOW CC Action Line” from the “Recipient” drop down menu.

3. Fill out the form below. Ensure to attach an Email address and check the “Contact Me” block if you would like a return reply.

***IMPORTANT: To submit your comment anonymously, enter Anonymous in the “Name” block and in the “Email” block***

4. Fill out the reCAPTCHA at the bottom and select, “Send Message.”