USAF explosive ordnance disposal technicians conduct joint training with Nigerien Armed Forces

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Chloe Ochs
  • 435th Air Expeditionary Wing

U.S. Air Force explosive ordnance disposal technicians assigned to the 409th Air Expeditionary Group, conducted a joint counter-improvised explosive device exercise with Soldiers from the Nigerien Armed Forces (French language: Forces Armées Nigeriennes - FAN) at the FAN’s Genie Compound here May 19.

These C-IED joint training opportunities occur twice weekly, allowing both the FAN and U.S. forces to hone and bolster their skill sets, enabling increased security and stability for the government of Niger and its citizens.

“The wide breadth of knowledge and skills required to effectively combat the ever-changing IED landscape demands training that is both focused and frequent,” said an explosive ordnance disposal team leader with the 409th Air Expeditionary. “With a high recurrence of training also comes the camaraderie and trust that is required to operate in life-or-death environments.”

Over the past two decades, IED’s have become synonymous with conflict on the battlefield and are used regularly by our adversaries.

“Air Force EOD teams continue efforts to conduct joint trainings, which not only afford opportunities for knowledge exchanges and skill refinement, but also ensure the safety of both DoD and partner force personnel, our installations and resources” said the 409th AEG EOD team leader.