75 EAS boosts safety program

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Matthew Wisher
  • 435th Air Expeditionary Wing

“Mission first, safety always” is an ethos all safety offices across the Air Force embody. At Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, this responsibility belongs to the 75th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron safety team to make sure that everyone on camp is just that, safe.

Not only did the 75th EAS safety office uphold the Air Force’s safety standards, but a married duo who are currently deployed there together boosted the existing safety program.

“We strive to help,” said 1st Lt. Jordan Paecth, 75th EAS safety officer. “We help disseminate techniques to keep the members of the squadron out of trouble and keep everybody capable of completing their mission.”

As their first deployment ever, the Paecths volunteered to take over the 75th EAS safety program. They found ways to make an already good safety measure system better by increasing awareness for unforeseen incidents, as well as action reports to tailor mission preparation to avoid repeating past mistakes.  

“Minimizing mishaps that detract from our service is essential,” said 1st Lt. Alicia Paecth, 75th EAS safety officer. “This includes everything from personal injury to potential aircraft mishaps, and it is extremely important to take all of the steps we can for success.”

Working together with your spouse is nothing new to the Paecths, even in a workspace with a high demand the pair tackles various tasks that may arise with ease.

“We actually went through college together, then pilot training, and now are together in the same C-130 unit,” Jordan said. “We have had a lot of practice with how to balance both the work and personal aspects. Luckily, we both really enjoy the work we are doing, which makes the balance a little easier to maintain.”

By paying close attention to the fine details, the Paecths and the safety office as a whole, ensures the well-being of all aircrews and guarantee mission success.

“They have coordinated with multiple agencies on CLDJ, ensuring the program is compliant with guidance and regulations,” said Senior Master Sgt. Michael Dean, 75th EAS senior enlisted leader. “Since we took over the 75th in early January, the safety program has made huge strides.”

Mission-ready contingency forces are emboldened by a culture of innovation and questioning the status quo. It is critical in preparing today’s contingency response forces for tomorrow’s fight. The 75th EAS is part of a bigger picture within the 435th Air Expeditionary Wing’s area of responsibility, enabling the employment of expeditionary airpower to ensure access across Africa and accomplish national and U.S. Africa Command objectives.

Airmen of the 435th AEW are constantly ready to execute the wing’s mission and are charged to develop a culture of continuous process improvement and innovation, creating a trusting environment where even unsuccessful ideas fail forward.