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  • 449th AEG hosts Japan Self-Defense Forces partners

    Airmen of the 75th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron hosted aircraft maintainers from the Japan Self-Defense Forces’ Deployment Air Force for Counter-Piracy Enforcement (DAPE), for an aircraft maintenance exchange at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, July 27, 2023. The primary purpose of the event was to

  • Chabelley Airfield celebrates 10-year anniversary

    Ten years ago this month, the 776th Expeditionary Air Base Squadron (EABS) first established Chabelley Airfield in Djibouti. Not only U.S. Air Forces Africa's largest remotely piloted aircraft base in Africa, it's also an example of different services, allies and partner nations working together to

  • 449th AEG Airman helps bridge language barriers

    Language is a barrier that can be hurdled thanks to our service members bringing their own experiences and backgrounds to the table. Senior Airman Allison Ganapamo was recently asked to bring her knowledge of the French language, her first language, to help facilitate a planning meeting between the