Bilateral Munitions Training with Moldova

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  • U.S. Air Forces in Europe - Air Forces Africa
Four United States Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa munitions Airmen are deployed to Chisinau, Moldova, from July 15-21, 2018.

The Airmen are from multiple units that include the 86th Munitions Squadron, 86th Airlift Wing, Ramstein Air Base, Germany, 31st Munitions Squadron, 31st Fighter Wing, Aviano Air Base, Italy, and Weapons Safety division, Headquarters United States Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa, Ramstein Air Base, Germany.

These Airmen will provide munitions storage safety training to approximately 15 munitions professionals assigned to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova.

The training will focus on the safe handling and storage of stockpiled munitions to mitigate the danger of unplanned explosions to military personnel and civilians.

For more information, contact +49 (0) 6371-47-6558 or via e-mail at If after duty hours, please call +49 (0) 1624-25-5428 or send an e-mail to