U.S. takes on Macedonia in friendly football match

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  • By By Master Sgt. Kelley J. Stewart and Staff Sgt. Julius Delos Reyes
  • MEDCEUR 11 Public Affairs
It wasn't the World Cup, but there was a buzz in the air concerning a big football match between the United States and Macedonia June 11.

The two, six-man teams faced-off on cement football pitch with a group of approximately 60 fans in the stand cheering on their favorite team.

From the first whistle, the Macedonian's had the U.S. team's number scoring seven goals to the U.S.'s two.

The intensity ran high as both teams fought over control of the ball. Nimble footwork and speed were the name of the game.

Brendan Victory, a staff sergeant from the 39th Logistics Readiness Squadron from Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, put the American team together with members from the Air Force, Army and Marine Corps.

Sergeant Victory had a good time even though he didn't like losing.

"It was great playing with the Macedonians - they're really good," he said. "It was a good competition."

The Macedonian coach had good things to say about the American team as well.

"It's very interesting to play with the U.S. military because it's a new experience," Staff Sgt. Goran Kartanski said. "We just played the game."

After the final whistle, hands were shaken and players left the field as new ones ran on for a second Macedonian on Macedonian football game while the fans settled in to watch the new match.