Lajes spouse loses 200 pounds during weight loss journey

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Erica Horner
  • 65th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
"I don't believe in quitting."

This is one of many of Catina Kimble's mottos as she has continued a weight loss journey that has changed her life.

Catina Kimble, wife of Tech Sgt. Floydzell Kimble from the 65th Civil Engineer Squadron and mother of two boys, has struggled with weight loss since childhood.

"I decided to make a change when Thomas was about five years old," said Catina, who then weighed 405 pounds. "We were at the fair and I was taking pictures of Floyd and Thomas on the rides that I wanted to ride. I wanted to be in the action photos, but I was too large for the safety belts, and I told myself 'enough is enough' and signed myself up for Weight Watchers.

The first few weeks Catina lost 13 pounds and started walking with her husband. Once she started incorporating the gym into her daily routine, she was able to lose an additional 50 pounds. However, she became comfortable and went back to her old habits.

At this point, Catina was almost back to her original weight at 400 pounds.
"At first it was hard to get back to the starting point all over again," said Catina. "I weighed and measured everything, being conscious of what I put in my mouth. 'If you bite it, write it' was my motto, and it took many years for me to realize that you have to eat to lose. Your body needs food for energy, but it needs the right food."

Catina continued making small steps to change her life. She made it a goal to go to the gym everyday and became brave enough to take a kickboxing class, and she loved it.
"At first, I wasn't able to do all the moves, but I kept going," she said. "Then I got curious about other classes the gym offered and the gym became my new best friend. I would work out 2 to 3 hours a day."

After a year and a half, Catina had lost about 150 pounds, but that's not where this story ends. Her husband got orders to Korea and she found she was pregnant with her second child.

"I was so scared and nervous that I worked out my entire pregnancy, and watched what I ate, but I still managed to gain about 85 pounds back," she said.

Since then, she has lost 200 pounds, with 78 of those pounds lost since she's been at Lajes Field.

Catina said she feels great that she no longer has to take two different blood pressure medicines, but the best part has been being able to shop.

"I can go shopping without worrying if they will have clothes to fit me, and I can buy clothes for myself without special ordering them," she said.

She works out five days a week with her husband who creates a mixture of work out routines that includes cardio and weight training.

"My husband was my biggest fan," said Catina. "He ate what I ate and did not eat things I was not eating in front of me. I still remember laughing when washing his uniforms, sometimes finding candy paper in his pockets and him saying 'oh baby, I picked that up off the floor, you know people leave their trash lying around.'"

Kimble tries to challenge his wife with different workouts but said he sometimes feels that she's in better shape than he is.
"She motivates me more than anything," he said. "I simply try to feed that motivation by keeping our workouts fun and interesting. Half of the things we've done, like running two marathons, I would have never even thought to sign up for."

Catina is very proud that she completed the Okinawa marathon.

"My motto is 'I don't have to be first, but I will not be last,'" she said referring to the Okinawa marathon and Lajes half-marathon.

For those who are facing the challenge of losing weight or just getting in better shape, Catina has a piece of advice.

"Get started and keep going," she said. "Small goals add up to completion."
Catina said she attributes her success to her family and friends.

"I'm so thankful for all the support that I've had during my journey," she said. "I love to work out, and I hope I can inspire people who want to change."