Looking forward: COMUSAFE ready to lead

  • Published
  • By Gen. William T. Hobbins
  • USAFE commander
What an exciting time to be a part of U.S. Air Forces in Europe! It is with tremendous excitement and humility that I accept this opportunity to be your commander, leading the bravest Airmen today’s Air Force has to offer. I am deeply privileged to serve side-by-side with proven warriors who have answered the call to defend freedom around the world!

Standing beside me in this team effort for the second time is our Command Chief, Chief Master Sergeant Gary Coleman. Chief Coleman was particularly instrumental to the great success we experienced when he was my command chief at 12th Air Force in Arizona just two years ago.

I’m also looking forward to building on our already great relationship with the men and women who make up Allied Component Command-Air Headquarters Ramstein. It is truly a great honor for me and my family to serve again in the best command in the Air Force!

In my few days on the ground as your commander, I’m already impressed by the teamwork and dedication I’ve seen. It’s only through your hard work, devotion and sacrifice that the command has been able to achieve the level of greatness it already boasts. U.S. Air Forces in Europe is renowned for its Combat and Special Interest Program, and this will serve as the foundation for our continued success. Through everyone’s exceptional commitment and solidarity with our allies, we’ll build on these strengths. The USAFE mission is important, demanding and far-reaching; continue to conduct it with the safety and efficiency you always have.

The operations tempo is high and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. To you, I pledge my unwavering loyalty, clear communication and support. I ask that you dedicate yourselves to working with each other and me. Together we will build upon the tremendous legacy of those who served before us as we continue our fight along the front lines against terrorism around the globe. I recognize the contributions that you and your fellow Airmen make are vital to our continued success.

The holiday season is also quickly approaching -- take the opportunity to spend quality time with your families and friends, reflect and revive those relationships that sustain you. You’ve worked hard and you deserve it.

As I get settled in, Chief Coleman and I will travel to the many bases throughout the command. I am looking forward to getting to know you. I’m particularly interested in what your challenges are so we can aggressively work to minimize them. Together we’ll endeavor to strengthen even further our already stellar track record of teamwork with each of our NATO friends and allies. I’m looking forward to personally meeting many of you in the very near future. And I’m honored to have been chosen to lead you into that future.