Every USAFE member should take pride in CSIP successes

  • Published
  • By Lt. Gen. Robert D. Bishop Jr.
  • USAFE vice commander
In the three months since becoming part of U.S. Air Forces in Europe, I’ve been continually amazed by the incredible things going on in this command and the men and women who make it happen.

USAFE is one of the busiest MAJCOMs in the Air Force. Whether it’s supporting peacekeeping and humanitarian operations across the globe, participating in international relations events like the Russian air show or ensuring our readiness through the multitude of exercises conducted within our area of operations, the USAFE team works together and accomplishes extraordinary work.

But, what’s even more exciting is to see what’s happening right here on our own stomping grounds.

Regardless of the climate or time of day, USAFE members are out jogging and using our fitness centers -- and the hard work is showing outstanding results. In Fiscal 2005, USAFE reduced marginal and poor fitness scores on the Air Force physical training test by 65 percent. Now, only one in 20 Airmen is in this “at risk” range, and the numbers are continuing to drop. Consequently, we’re the only MAJCOM achieving above 90 percent in the new AF Fitness Readiness metric; a new fitness statistic developed and proposed by USAFE. Combat Fitness is a proven success -- USAFE Airmen are Fit-to-Fight.

Our USAFE team is not only physically ready, but also medically prepared. Over 90 percent of our Airmen are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. To put this in perspective a bit, the Air Force average is currently at 83 percent. USAFE knows what it takes to be expeditionary, and we’re blazing the trail for the rest of the Air Force.

The focus on quality of life and providing superior service in the command is also amazing.

Since Combat Care began, more than 15,000 reintegration “survival” brochures have been distributed to deployed Airmen and their families. The command emphasis on this quality of life program assists and supports our Airmen as they execute a smooth transition from deployment back to home station.

Additionally, the command has removed significant barriers to the college classroom and is striving to satisfy our younger troops desire to learn. Among our junior NCOs and Airmen, college enrollments have increased by more than 15 percent from Fiscal Year 2003 to Fiscal Year 2005. This is a reflection on the “user friendly” education opportunities we have here in USAFE as a result of Combat Education.

I could go on and on about all the good news stories I see happening here in our command. Everywhere I look, the top-notch work, drive and pride of our USAFE team is readily apparent. The list of Combat and Special Interest Program successes is astounding and it’s all driven by the men and women of USAFE.