One Team, One Focus: Mission Readiness

  • Published
  • By Col. Jack L. Briggs III
  • 38 Combat Support Wing
Men and women of the United States Air Forces Europe, I believe you are the absolute best of the best. For one, you answered the call to serve something bigger than yourself and I am proud to stand beside you in the defense of free people everywhere. I am especially proud because we live the idea of “Three”.
We are an Air Force of Three. We are Airmen. We survey the entire battle space at once, attack in parallel and support in 3-D. We supply troops on the way in and we return the wounded home with honor. We are there before first contact with the enemy occurs. We are there to bring the last Soldier home. With all due respect to our sister service -- we are an Air Force of Three.
Integrity: We advance on the mission. Our Airman’s mission is air and space expertise and the visible “flag on the hill” we accelerate toward. Our word is our bond and others trust us to be there when we say we will, everyday. Integrity is the engine that drives our success. We will provide the weapons; we will prepare the battlefield; we will deliver the goods. We never settle for the limits of the past to define who we can be tomorrow.
Service: We focus on the welfare of others. We use our unique perspective as Airmen to develop solutions to problems achieving the desired effect while often using equipment and training in new and innovative ways. We check each other’s six on the ground and in the air to mitigate risk. Imagination is our only limit in meeting other’s unmet needs. Flexibility is the key to our power.
Excellence: We are world-class stewards of our nation’s resources. We recognize that our nation, family and friends provide us personnel, equipment and finances to focus on the welfare of others and to advance on the mission. We live and breathe safety because every resource preserved is another available for the mission. We enable the synergistic advantage of joint operations by moving and employing resources when and where they are needed most. No other nation comes close to our air and space dominance.
In a modern world where everything is relative, these Air Force Core Values are three solid foundations to anchor the present and plan our future. If you’ve ever wondered who we are: We are Airmen, and we are an Air Force of Three.