Command leadership is focused on your Quality of Life

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Pamela Derrow
  • USAFE Command Chief
As the senior enlisted member in USAFE, one of my primary concerns is ensuring that we maintain high quality of life standards for all of our Airmen. It's my job to advise the USAFE commander on QOL issues, so he can make sure you and your family have what you need so you can continue to focus on the vital mission you do.

I recently had the opportunity to visit several of our geographically separated units, and came away with a better understanding of both the challenges and success stories for our Airmen at those locations.

One thing I really found amazing was the dedication our Air Force services Airmen show in meeting your essential food, fitness, lodging, recreation and services needs. Due to the limited personnel available at our GSUs, all of our services personnel take on multiple roles to ensure your needs are met.

Senior Airman Daniel Villegas, from Kleine Brogel Air Base, is a prime example of the fine services men and women we have here in USAFE. Airman Villegas is the club manager at his base, and executes a phenomenal array of services for the people who live and work there. Last quarter alone, he put together more than 60 events, while managing $200k in assets and serving as a Government purchase cardholder. But he didn't stop there - he tailored his programs to match the feedback he received from his customers.

Or how about Staff Sgt. Patience Frazier, who is the assistant dining facility manager at Buechel Air Base? Her culinary skills and positive attitude are in constant demand. Her reputation even earned her a personal request to assist in catering the farewell dinner for the outgoing 52nd Fighter Wing commander. She even makes time to volunteer with the local Airmen Against Drunk Driving initiative, and she manages all this while taking care of her family and preparing to be a new mom!

Services isn't the only organization taking initiative to improve QOL for Airmen. The child development center at Volkel Air Base didn't have enough space in the location they were in, so the chapel staff has volunteered to make room for them in their building. Soon, both missions will get accomplished under the same roof. This "can do" attitude is what makes our Airmen great, and it's why the Air Force continues to fly, fight and win.

Quality housing is a big priority for leadership at all levels, but once again, our Airmen are stepping to fill needs. Tech. Sgt. Nikki Green is an additional duty dormitory manager at Ghedi Air Base, despite the fact that she already has a full time job on the commander's support staff.

Unfortunately, I can't name every Airman I met who was doing great things, but I want you all to know that leadership recognizes and appreciates the hard work you're doing and the sacrifices you make. Despite shrinking budget dollars, we're doing all we can to ensure we maintain the high standard of living we're known for in the Air Force. To that end, Air Force leadership has recently set aside money specifically for ensuring our dormitories and housing areas are places our Airmen proudly call their "home."

However, we need you to do your part also. If you can think of a way to make things better in your workplace or community, get involved. Also, continue to let your leadership know when you see something that just isn't right, and we'll continue to make improvements to the places you live and work.

Everywhere I go, I'm so impressed by the motivation and the initiative people take to maximize resources and make things better for those around them. Everyone is so busy these days that it would be easy for people to do just enough to get by. But time after time, I see our Airmen going above and beyond for the sake of the unit. Keep up the hard work. You make me proud to be an Airman!