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Continuously training with Coalition partners key to success

LOS LLANOS AIR BASE, Spain -- The commander of 3rd Air Force and 17th Expeditionary Air Force at USAFE-AFAFRICA visited the participants of the Tactical Leadership Programme's 15-3 Flying Course on Sept. 24, in Albacete, Spain.

During his visit, Lt. Gen. Timothy Ray stressed the importance of continuously training as a coalition in order to meet future security challenges. Nearly 80 pilots, crew, and staff from 12 nations gathered to hear Ray speak, and he thanked them for their commitment to building partnership capacity.

"Working well together is an integral part of our shared security," Ray said. "In NATO, we have the benefit of strong national friendships, and programs like TLP build on those bonds to improve Composite Air Operations."

The purpose of the TLP program is to increase the effectiveness of Allied Air Forces by training side-by-side, and is one of the many ways the Air Force works with its NATO allies to face security challenges as a unified force.

Ray also discussed the multi-faceted nature of operations in Africa. "What we do in Africa has to be flexible. It's not one issue but a series of challenges that require a different approach to each one," Ray stressed. "Our French allies have been doing some great work along with several other countries, and we need to continue those efforts and be able to adapt to changing situations."

Ray was updated on operations, academics, and the future of the program by Col. Antonio Bernal Fuentes, TSP commandant, Col. Cloyce Adams, Warrior Preparation commander, and Lt. Col. Ethan Myers, Detachment 1 commander.

Earlier in his visit, Lt. Gen. Ray coined TSgt LaBrake, SSgt Rivera, and SSgt Clark for their contributions to their units.