U.S., Bulgaria hosts European Partnership Flight Event

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RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany -- Service members from the U.S. military and allied  nations came together for a European Partnership Flight (EPF) event, the Radar and Sensor Visibility and Integration Workshop co-hosted by  U.S. Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa and the Bulgarian Armed Forces, July 11-14 2022.

The week-long event brought together representatives from U.S. European Command, U.S. Naval Forces Europe, and USAFE, along with allies from Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, to discuss the way-ahead to establish a USAFE-led Mission Partner Environment (MPE) network that enables closer collaboration between Joint Domain Command and Control (JADC2) units and connects radars/sensors between nations to enhance the shared air picture.

The workshop focused on the tasks required to fuse data from the participants organic radars to create an enduring and integrated air picture, and was in support of a Significant Security Cooperation Initiative to develop a robust C2 network that supports NATO and allied forces.  

“Over the past year we have been working closely with our partners. This event was

Critical to the next step of our mutual cooperation and we are looking forward to future training with our allies.” Said, Lt Col Joey Faraone, Commander 606 Air Control Squadron

This multilateral military-to-military engagement and security assistance event is intended to strengthen U.S. strategic partnerships with key countries in Europe and enhance regional cooperation and interoperability.

“This particular event enabled for all involved parties to establish common understanding of the initiative, and to set milestones for the way ahead,” Col Yuriy Lukanov, Deputy Chief of Staff- Operations, Bulgarian Air Force said. “In order to be successful in a future fight, we have to be able to bring these capabilities to bear seamlessly with our own.”

As a result of the workshop the intent is participating members will be able to demonstrate regional enduring redundant voice and data sharing capability from each participating nation’s Air Operations Center (AOC) to/from all other participating AOCs via direct connections. This capability will be tested during exercises such as Astral Knight.

“Accelerating change to win the next fight must be inclusive of our Allies and Partners, they bring sensor and data sharing capacity to support Air Component Mission/Force Generation in CDO and cruise missile threat environments. Said a spokesperson from USAFE Plans and Requirements, “EPF events like this week’s efforts are essential in the Counter Air / ABAD mission areas.”

U.S. Forces in Europe will use the results of the workshop to prepare its personnel and Allies help attain more increased Joint All Domain Command and Control awareness.