NATO Air Presence Enhanced by US Fighter Deployment to Romania

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  • NATO Allied Air Command Public Affairs

U.S. F-15s landed in Campia Turzii, Romania today to operate side by side with their hosts and the Italian Eurofighter detachment at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base from December 18-22.

The Italian, Romanian and U.S. Air Forces will fly together during this time to protect and safeguard Allied airspace. This planned deployment is focused on assuring the Allied air presence in the Black Sea Region, enhancing multinational relationships and improving interoperability between Allies.

"The additional U.S. F-15s are a welcomed asset and will make a positive impact on Allied Air deterrence in the region," said Brigadier General Joel Carey, Allied Air Command Deputy Chief of Staff Operations. "The ability to rapidly deploy Allied air assets in support of NATO is vital to our readiness and demonstrates the force's agility."

The Italian Eurofighters are currently providing enhanced Air Policing and will operate from Romania for the next three months. Since 2014, the NATO Alliance has implemented Assurance Measures with the goal to assure the Allies along the eastern flank. One tool in this set of measures is the concept of enhanced Air Policing, which demonstrates NATO's solidarity, collective resolve, and its ability to adapt and scale its defensive missions and deterrence posture in response to an evolving security situation.

The Italians and U.S. have been a strong supporter of NATO's enhanced Air Policing mission showcasing Allied cohesion and capability. Their Air Force's deployment to Romania epitomizes the strong interoperability and transatlantic link of the Alliance.