501st Combat Support Wing celebrates British liaison 60 years of service

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Eugene Oliver
  • 501st Combat Support Wing Public Affairs

The 501st Combat Support Wing Judge Advocate office held a celebration for Valerie Lucas, 501st CSW British liaison officer at RAF Alconbury, England, Apr. 26, 2021.


The 501 CSW/JA office was celebrating Mrs. Lucas for her 60 years of service as the British liaison officer at RAF Alconbury.


“Mrs. Lucas embodies the idea of service before self”, said Maj. Danelle McGinnis, 501st CSW deputy staff judge advocate. “After having worked so many years here, there is nothing stopping her from retiring. She continues to work because she likes to help the Airmen that need her.”

She told me once that she considered helping the young Airmen as sort of like her life project.”

During Lucas’ time at RAF Alconbury she’s been a consistent source of guidance for Airmen when they’ve needed help with various legal and personal issues.

“Her knowledge and experience is something to aspire to, whenever you talk to people throughout the Air Force, there is always someone who knows of or has worked with Mrs. Lucas,” said Hayley Hopkins, 501st CSW host nation paralegal. “Whenever I have a unique situation arise at work, Mrs. Lucas is the first person I will turn to, she is a wealth of knowledge and usually always knows the answer.”

During the celebration multiple Airmen got the opportunity to present gifts and speak on the impact that Mrs. Lucas has had on them since arriving at RAF Alconbury.

“Mrs. Lucas has always taken time to share her extensive knowledge and experience with me,” said Maj. Richard Schrider. 501st CSW staff judge advocate. “Her insight has helped me deal with a number of issues that were new or unique to me.”

“During my four years here she has been a huge support to me both personally and professionally,” said Master Sgt. Jon Boyett, 501st CSW Law office superintendent. “I feel my life has been forever changed because of the goodwill and friendship she has shown me.”

During her 60 years of service Lucas has witnessed significant change across the base, the wing, and the Air Force as whole. Throughout it all, Lucas has been a constant mentor to all JAG corps personnel who have had the privilege to work with her.

“It is inspiring to see someone continue to do a job so well after 60 years,” said Schrider. “Her positivity and her continued dedication make her a pleasure to work with, as well as an invaluable resource to this office and [to] all who walk through these doors.”